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One kiss before I cry 

              One shot to say good bye

All he had to do was lie 

              Tonight I end the pain

Trigger finger strain 

               It’s only crimson rain

The vision-16

"Bridget! Bridget! Are you using your vision? Bridget!" Someone stepped into my view and knelt down.

The man was breathtaking. His inner aura glowed an aqua-ish color at the moment, but it was flecked with silver.
"You’re beautiful." I blurt out. My knee’s hurt, I must have fallen over. I see the man lean back slightly, then lean forward.
"Bridget, are you ok?"
"It hurts." I whimper, the air seemed multicolored and swirled around me. It was like some super charged drug effect. I loved it, but was utterly terrified of it. And then it stopped. And it stopped like another blow, I flinch backwards and drop my head into my hands as it throbbed. I was on my knee’s, my legs spread on either side of me.
"It stopped." I say between gasps. He lifts me by the shoulders and leads me the rest of the way to sickbay. We were closer than I thought, it was around the next corner. But this gave me enough time to compose myself.

"Sit down." He leads me to the closest bed.
"What happened?" Asks nurse Peat, who had already bustled over.
"She just used her powers for the first time here. I think it gave her a bit of a shock.
"I’m fine." I say, and Luken throws me a doubtful look. "It’s my shoulder that hurts." I lie, it wasn’t actually hurting that much, and the bleeding had stopped. I throw Luken a dark glance as Nurse Peat looks at my bloody shirt.
"Out!" She shoo’s him, closing the curtain.
"Shirt, darling." She says, pulling over a tray of stuff. I unbutton my shirt and slip it down past my elbows. She pats something on my shoulder and I flinch and look at it. Big mistake. I had avoided looking at it in the mirror and now I knew why.

The flesh was badly torn, ripped around the edges, in a slash along my shoulder blade. It had barely even started to heal yet and the wound looked bad. The more I looked at it the more it seemed to hurt. I look away, swallowing deeply. I wasn’t the person to faint at a drop of blood or anything but that sight would make anyone queasy. Anyone, that is, except a nurse. She busily spreads stuff on it and bandages it up.
"Sorry darling, there’s not a lot more I can do. Pity you don’t have one of those healing powers." I join in her laughter and hoped she didn’t notice that mine sounded shaky.

"Oh, and I think I have another shirt in here." She rummages through the bedside table dresser and produces a white shirt which I take and struggle to put on with one shoulder practically immobile. She sweeps the curtain aside and walks off without another word. What an odd lady. Don’t get me wrong, she was nice, just…different. I turn towards the door and see Luken still standing there, watching me. I wanted to linger on his sharp features and admire his face and chest but my eyes just slide straight over him and to the door I was walking to.
"How are you?" Asks Luken as I finish buttoning up my shirt.
"Chipper." I say in a dull voice.
"How’s your head?"
"Fine." I answer curtly, he doesn’t reply so after a few moments I steal a glance at him. He was looking ahead, no expression on his face. It hurt that my short answers didn’t seem to phase him at all. He didn’t care. I sigh, I suppose I should be used to this by now.

Maybe I Should Just Tell Him How I Feel.. And Ruin A Freindship We Aint Even Got </3

This Love Will Be Your Downfall
The vision-17

"Why did that happen?" As if expecting my question he immediately replied.
"This school is full of power strengthening spells and charms. This helps someone to achieve their full power and learn to control their own strength. Mainly, its to help the students." I swallow, looking at the ground, lost in thought.
"What if it hurts some of the students instead?" I ask quietly. He slows his pace, then stops. I turn to look at him, surprised. He watches me with those all-knowing eyes and sighs.
"I have to go." He says suddenly. I feel my shoulders drop but quickly collect myself.
"Ok, see ya." I wave and turn around to find my way back to my room. But I was chewing my lip again. I actually revealed something to him and all he can says is ‘I have to go.’ Stupid Typical man.

I don’t see Ashley or any of her friends, school was almost over, and I didn’t want to go to the end of class. So in the common room I make myself a sandwich (for later), grab a drink, and head to my room to watch TV.

Before I go to bed that night I sigh, and sit on its edge. I fidget, then sigh again. I had never prayed before, but I was nervous about class tomorrow. Ok, so my first day was over, but I wasn’t there for most of it and I had a weird feeling about tomorrow.

I didn’t want to kneel, it felt stupid. I didn’t know who to pray to. This god they spoke of here, Zin, seemed like a good option but every time I opened my mouth to say her name now it would not come out.
‘powers stronger than me…’ No.
‘The almighty one…’ No.
‘The holy spirit…’ No…but there was something there. Then suddenly it sprang to my mind.
‘To all pure spirits…’ It felt odd against my tongue but I said it anyway.
"To all pure spirits, please help me to get through tomorrow. Protect me, just for that day and I will be thankful’

When I was saying it, it felt good, but after wards I sat there feeling stupid, so I just went to sleep. I was not going to pray again.

The next day I had Luken first class, and I didn’t get lost, and I wasn’t late, so I was feeling pretty good all around. When Luken walked in I noticed the class hushed noticeably and I look around. All of the girls had a dreamy look on their face and all the guys sat up straighter in obvious respect. I commit that to memory, young as Luken was, he was respected greatly around here. I wondered why, he wasn’t that special.

But as he walks in, another man follows him. I hadn’t seen him before, but the other students seemed to recognize, and respect him, too. I look him over.He was strong, and I mean he had some serious muscle going on. His face was full of too sharp angles and his hair had a crew cut. But he smiled as he came in, looking rather relaxed. Luken looked small and weak in comparison to this guy
Where Is The Love
Dear 3am We Have To Stop
Like This..
I'd Much Rather Sleep With You
Learn From Yesterday

Live For Tomorrow

Hope For Today

When Im With You I Feel All Nice And Fuzzy In side
Sometimes you need the rain to appreciate the sun... 
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