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What Happens When The Heart Stops Beatin'...
                      But U Are Still Alife :/

& When a door that says ' Pull'
Opens when I push it,
hat's when I will stop loving you♥

mine, no jocks please♥




he's like a car crash,
you don't want to look but you can't stop staring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it when you're in a relationship you can't see things clearly but once you're out you stop, look back and ask yourself...w.t.f was i thinkin' :P:P



forget trying to change me, I do that often enough on my own. Question is, can you keep up with me (;

You love everything, don't you?
Yeah. But you know what, buddy? As you get older, some of the things
 you love might not seem so special anymore . . .  And the older you get,

                      the fewer things you really love.


                                       Fall seven  times,
                               D A Y - B Y - D A Y ,         ~~~~          nothing changes,
                               but when you look back,  
[] EVERYTHING [♥] is different ?
&Who do you go to for help?
When everyone around you is the problem...

And if I was running, you'd be the one
Who I would be running to.
And if I was crying, you would be lining
The cloud that would pull me through.
And if I was scared then I would be glad
To tell you and walk away...
But I am not lying, I am just trying
To find my way in...

To you.

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