Quotes added on Saturday, May 8 2010

just remember ; no matter how much
i'll ever hate you, i'll always love you
♦I would wait forever if it meant I would end up with you♦
and today she made a wish
 she took out a coin; turned around; closed her eyes & threw it into the fountain &* for the first time
S H E  D I D N ' T  W I S H   F O R   Y O U
sure he makes me happy
i cant ask for much more then that
but with you?
i'd never stop

I would do  anything for you
I am here beacuse of you
thats all only for you
I love you 

dont let me believe you forgot me.
hold my hand; one last time; kiss me
 This time I won't wait for you
i have better things to do
like  l o v i n g  him.

You were my first true love.
You have been going out with your new girlfriend for a year now.
You two are insanely in love,
It kills me to see you two in the hallway kissing each other,
Because that used to be me.

Today, we went on a field trip and you were sitting behind me on the bus.
We were talking like we always do, but this time it felt different to me.
I looked back at you in the corner of my eye and saw you staring out the window,

At that point:

All the memories came rushing back.
I realized that I really do miss you.
And after 2 years, I still wish you were mine.

To conclude all of this: You will never ever forget your first true love. A piece of them will remain in your heart forever.


you promised we would always be friends,
if not more
tonight was the first time in
months that i felt like your promise was true
so thanks for not forgetting me

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