Quotes added on Monday, May 10 2010

 i used to think of you as just another kid in my classes
but one day when you walked in, my heart skipperd a beat,
i figured it was because you walked in with the guy i liked;
but then on the bus, another girl was telling me a story about you,
and when she mentioned your name, my heart did it again
and thats when i realized, i like you; A LOT <3

all mine :]
no jockingg pleasee <3
 maybe i'm not like most other girls:
my hair isnt always perfect ;
i'd rather wear sweats than a dress;
i dont always worry about how i look;
i know that there arent very many guys that like me,
but i dont care about any of this stuff,
cuz i have fun and enjoy life,
and that is what matters most to me <3
Im Pretty on the inside,
not out im afraid,
while looking in the mirror,
my eyes go on a runaway escapade...
i wish my life was like the movie " fifty first dates "
because then everyday i wouldnt remember what you did to me..
what you made me become..
i would forget everyday,,
that im broken.that im weak.that im insecure.that im a mess. that im falling apart. that im not who you want. that im not good enough.
that you dont care about me. that you dont think about me. that you dont even look at me anymore.
that i mean absolutly nothing to you
but most of all..
&+ your in love with her

i guess i was just never good enough for you..

My tears run down like razorblades,
And no, I'm not the one to blame,
It's you.
" or is it me?

damn, i wish i had some monster right now.
dear [ love ],
i was going to call you, but i was afraid you wouldn't answer. I'd love to tell you I love you, but I've eluded to that enough, i think. I'm almost positive you feel the same way, but I'm never completely sure of myself, so I think the next move is yours. I don't want to force myself upon you, because I don't want to lose our friendship, no matter what. I don't care if all odds are against us being friends; I'm going to make sure the friendship never ends.
your friend
 Favorite this if:
A guy texts you, you respond, and you get no reply back...

You want to make your boyfriend/friend/parent something special, but it comes out like crap so you don't give it.

You look forward to go on witty, so you feel you're not the only feeling the way you do.

You would give all your money in your wallet just to know what your crush is thinking ;)

You don't like Disney Channel anymore, but you still watch it.

You're addicted to facebook.

You eat gum to reduce your snack cravings.

You go on urbandictionary.com to look up a perverted definition that all your friends knew, but you didn't.

You talk to your computer.

You smiled at this quote(:

bestfriendsforever; its not just sitting together at lunch. & its not the fact that we knew eachothers wardrobes . its the good times & the bad.


dear [ love ]:
i've fantasized most about being held safe in your arms.
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