Quotes added on Wednesday, May 12 2010

                                     I juss need sum comfort ;
                                          your hand ;
                                             your heart ;
                                                 your presence ;
                                    den maybe i'll be ok !

                  credit please & thanx (:
you're that dream i dont want to wake up from <3
A boy walked up to a girl in math class and asked, "Can i borrow a pencil"
The girl, who had been giving him a new pencil almost everyday replied,
"Do you really lose the pencils I give you everyday?" They boy smiled,
walked over to his desk, grabbed his pencil case and walked back over.
He opened it, letting out every pencil she had ever given him. "Actually,
there all here if you want them back,  i just needed some reason to talk to you
everyday ."

I know that I am not perfect, I am never going to be, that is just fine with me because I love being unique as well as imperfect,  That is all me!!

I love me
All mine :0)

"You must first love yourself before you can truly love someone else"

Love this :0)
Dear Boy,
On a scale from 1 to10,
h o w   m u c h   d o   y o u   l i k e   t o   h u r t   m e?

I l o v e y o u has eight letters and so does 
B u l l s h i t.

Why is it that you can never get that one person off your mind no matter how hard you try, he is always what you think about from the time you wake up until you go to bed, even in your dreams you cannot shake him, when he says good morning to you, you want to know was I the first thing on his mind                                  <3

Was just venting :0)

Oh, heyyyy big, fuzzy, spider in the corner.

You just chillin'?

yeah that's cool bud.

ohh facebook(:

i was trying to fly
but i couldn't find wings
but you came along and
you changed everything

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