Quotes added on Thursday, May 13 2010

There  are  plenty   of  fish   in  the  sea___
So s
top flirting with my fish

LOVE is giving someone the ability to break your heart but trusting them not too<3 

hey girlie?              <3
do me a favor and,
shut the hell up.

 we got so close
     ......but close only got us
so far </3 

For some reason, when im having a bad day 
& your name lights up on my phone
it makes everything better,
i end up smiling more then i should

 Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Pretty , Hate Me Cause Your BoyFriend Thinks So[;

Mtheory aboulovi
you either love someone forever
 or ,
you never loved them at all

but thethats my opinion.

>> If looks could kill, I'd never look at you again<<
{ ♥ }

i bit my lip so hard when i saw you with her,
i screamed inside when you hugged her,
i cried a little when you kissed her.

your one lucky girl
because that boy
you have

is my enitre world .

 & true love is when
isnt good enough

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