Quotes added on Friday, May 14 2010

just keep on walking
                             *- -it can only get better from here- -* 

just keep on waiting
                          *- -the truth will come out in the end- -*
just keep on hoping
                           *- -hold your head up high- -*

break your heart.
you expect me to forget
i cant
b/c i'm trying to keep my heart safe
from being


 Taylor Swift ..
Has never explained love better. 

for every hot guy,
there are about 10-20 girls
completely heartbroken over him.

but only 1 of those girls are actually in love with him
because of his -->pxexrxsxoxnxaxlxixtxy<--. //


҉ Loving him is what I do best ҉
if //time// doesnt -->stop<--,
why should you?
mxoxvxe on & /((keep walking))/
'cause <<life>> doesnt give second chances

you'll thank me later

silly boy...
don't even try to runaway 
it just makes me try even harder
and want you more&more


They Say you Don't Know What You Have Until You Loose It
But I Knew What I Had When I Had It I Just Didn't

Think i Was  Going to Loose it.

if you break my heart,
then i probably will no longer speak to you.

if you break my moms heart,

well your in some serious shiz ;)

p.s. locking your door wont keep me out... just sayin :)
I keep falling and falling because I built myself up way to high to be let down 

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