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i know this isnt gonna be very pretty
and im gonna keep it simplee
but im gonna say whats on my mind.
your on mind.
yeah i say i dont care but thats not
true we had our chance and we lost
it then we were given another one
but it was destroyed again. im crying
over you right now as i type. your
that one i can talk to and you said
you liked me. sorry thought you meant
it. but you still like her. it breaks my
heart, but whatever. guess ill never
know what its like to be yours</3
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Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... 

Opening Credits:
Country Comes to Town: Toby Keith

Waking Up:
Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue: Toby Keith

First Day of School:
Like a Boss: Incredibad

Falling in Love:
Hot N Cold: Katy Perry

Breaking Up:
Shrooms: Incredibad

Men in Black: Will Smith

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk: Trace Adkins

Mental Breakdown:
A Milli: Lil Wayne

Sunny Day:
Eye of the Tiger: Survior

Rainy Day:
Got Money: Lil Wayne

Stormy Day:
Savin' Me: Nickelback

You Got it Bad: Usher

Yeah: Usher Feat. Lil' Jon and Ludacris
Home: Daughtry

Wedding Day:
Dirty Diana: Michael Jackson

Birth of a Child:
Teenagers: ??

Final Battle:
Take You There: Sean Kingston

Death Scene:
Whatever You Like: T.I.

Funeral Song: 
Kokomo: The Beach Boys

Final credits:
My Band: D-12
i shouldn't have been stupid enough to fall for you.
you're  girlfriend  loves  you and  seeing you with her hurts like
crazy. i  miss you constantly and  when i see  you or hear  your
voice, i  get major  butterflies. my  friends  think  i'm insane  for
liking you, but they don't see what i do. they see a player who
doesn't care  about anything. i  see an amazing guy who hasn't
found what he's  looking for. i'm still  hanging  on  to  the  little
hope that i have left, but i don't know how long i can hang on.
my    emotions    are    running    wild.

i never knew that a crush could hurt so much.
And today i was thinking about the past.....
                     of how me and you used to be
This quote does not exist.
I've tried everything.
Band aids, stitches.
But I still can't seem,
to get my heart fully together.
It still seems to break apart somehow. </3

If there's no way out, just find a further way in.
 "I love you.
I am who I am because of you.
You are every reason, every hope,
and every dream I've ever had,
and no matter what happens
to us in the future,
everyday we are together
is the greatest day of my life.
I will always be yours.

— Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

I fell sorry for my hair straigtner, Because the curler exploded and now the straightner has no more freinds left :(

it sucks whennn..
you want something so
bad that you know you
cant have. or that when
you finally got the chance
to have it, but it was destroyed.
you got a second chance
but it still failed. it sucks to
want something and once
you finally have it to not
be what you totally expected.
like you obviously still like
it but its different you dont
really feel anything. you still
want it but you know its
over, and that was the
last chance </3
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