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Girls are like apples on trees. The Best ones are always at the top. So,the boys dont wanna reach to the top because they are afraid of Falling or getting hurt.So insted they just get the rotton apples off then ground that arent so good but easy to get! So the apples at the top think sommething is wrong with them! But in reality they are amazing. They just have to be patient and wait for the right boy to come along. A boy who is brave enough to climb to the top of the tree.
And Pick them

When I have my headphones on -
Don't even bother talking.
 Im sitting in a hot pink laundry basket!
She smashed her rearveiw mirror with her fist...
         Because starting today shes NEVER looking back.

                     Im so tired of pretending
         My tears are starting to show. And my smile is fading away.

just when i start to let go.

you pull me right back in.
& i fall again.


                                                          Were just silly little

          Falling for Stupid little

You're missing a little something...
Oh yeah
, maybe it's the other
t w o  l e t t e r s
in that word.
Glad I Could H

& i think back..
to.all.the.great.m e m o r i e s.we.shared.
the    jokes    we    laughed    at   together
& ( _ . · ´ ¯ ` · × » the countless omg;s.
X    .t.h.e.  .r.e.m.e.m.b.e.r.  .w.h.e.n.s.     X
b u t    ♥               n o w                        ♥        y o u r    
         ♥      g o n e
AND -------------------->      it      hurts.     alot.
s o ,  i   a s k   m y s e l f :   
was it worth it?
yes,  yes  it  was.

love u atticus.
come home. </3
Of all the friends ive ever met Your the one i will NEVER forget! And if i die before you ill go to heaven and wait... and wait For you To re join me(:
Fantasy only covers the

reality, once you snap out of it you're screwed --- so much for forgetting my problems ♥

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