Quotes added on Tuesday, May 18 2010

if its you & me forever, if its you & me right now,
 that would be alright
i never knew 
it hurt so bad 
to say goodbye

to somebody you've already lost

all mine 
my confession:

i have a boyfriend. lately, it feels like we have nothing to say to eachother and i'm not sure if i really like him anymore. i'm not going to break up with him because i think i can start liking him again just as fast as i stopped..

thats not crazy right?

[[but, really. i'm just sick of being alone & he's a great kisser.]]
And were talking on the phone, and I'm just trying not to cry.
Hõw can possiblŷ
yõu  õ  e  t
whõ gãve


not mine. 
I was correcting my classes Geography tests the other day, and I came upon this question asking:
"What are the similarities of Buddhism and Hinduism?"
This lovely peer of mine answered back,
"I'm sorry, but I really do not know anything on this particular subject."
Another wrote,
"Hinduism was started in  Italy.  Buddhism began in Russia or something.  The Buddhas and Hindus came together to become one and loved each other.  They had babies together and called them the "Hindduas".  That's why Buddhism is a branch of Hindusim."
I wish I had the imagination of these people.
Oh how I love my wonderful friends. :3
& it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only b.r.e.a.k.s when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath; to forget.

-Shania Twain
you say that we can't forget each other..
because we have to many good memories
but sweetie..
im making new memories with someone better


minee. credit (:
And as his arms are wrapped around her...
a big hug..
Her troubles just...
Fade away...
what dont you understand..
i love you.
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