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Note: So seeing as I have never been the artistic type, im not going to even attempt to make this pretty =]. Ehem witty is messing with my spacing :P

..and guys?
Listen up.
You are ALL Beautiful
,and handsome O.o.
You DON"T need all that make-up, and the fake laughs.
You don't need the fake ego, and hard outside.
Or that low-self esteem.
No need to act macho.
You wanna know why?
You do?
Because some guy, somewhere is going to love you for your imperfections and quirks!
Some Girl is going to catch you in their sights, and love you for the REAL you!
Be proud of who you are, no one is like you, enjoy that.
Be your own person, STOP following that pack.
So ~ladies~, tell that boy you like him, get his number, believe in yourself.
Men, march right up to that girl and kiss her on the cheek, be brave, you GOT this.
Most of all everyone, BE YOURSELF.



Everytime i see you my heart skips a beat.<3


If he hurts you
just tell me.
I will call him
and I will yell at him.
I will always be there
when your crying I will be ther
for you, if your happy... I will
be happy...:)
 I'll never talk again, oh boy, 

You've left me speechless.

You've left me speechless, so speechless.

And I'll never love again, oh boy, 

ou've left me speechless.

ou've left me speechless, so speechless.

Speechless - Lady GaGa
When we're not together
I cry, because i miss yoy...
When we're together
I cry, because I love you... :)
I love being with my friends laughing and working on humanities on the carpet of the class, and being on Witty in the same time :) but... me+friends+pillows+carpet= NO WORK DONE  :P

I've got stars in my great big sky
I shall gaze upon without leaving old ones behind,
because their harder to find.
Some were satelites, others planes
some were twinkiling while others were fading away.
But their all one of a kind.
Oh it's not that intristing but I'd like to keep it a secret
So I'll have, something left to give.

Be mean to her your dead...
If you an azz to her...

I will make sure you wish you had never met me and i wouldnt care so be the best boyfirend she has ever had or else I will come after you...
Just to let you know...
Soooooooooo dont hurt her...

 when i see you with her,

i can feel my heart drop. </3

i cant bear it,

just give my heart a break
its kinda getting tired of falling, 

i cant afford for an elevator</3

Oh boy,

It's kind of difficult to do, but i'm trying my best to get over you.

Oh boy,

I just cant do it... do something to make me not want to be your's again.
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