Quotes added on Friday, May 21 2010

girl: your new girlfriend is pretty. (i bet she stole your heart)
boy: yeah.. she is.
(but you're still the most beautiful girl i know)
girl: I heard she's funny an amazing. (all the stuff i wasn't)
boy: she sure is. (but she's nothing compared to you)
girl: I bet you know everything about her by now. (like how you knew just everything about me)
boy: only the stuff that counts.
(i can't remember what she says when i think of you)
girl: well.. i hope you guys last. (cause we never did)
boy: i hope we do too. (what happened to you and me?)
girl: well, i have to go. (before i start to cry)
boy: yeah, me too. (i hope you don't cry)
girl: bye. (i still love you)
boy: later.
(i never stopped)
I miss you.
The old you..
The new one sucks.
I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
Today me & my identic sister were fighting.


She callled me...



I Blinked.
 "Ever thine
Ever mine,
Ever ours"
So it's not gonna be easy
It's going to be really hard
We're gonna have to work at this everyday
but i want to do that because I want you
I want all of youforevereveryday
you and me

I slapped a Twlight fan.
Fav if,

You have "pranked" someone &
Forgot to put *67,
Or just did it for an excuse to get to talk to him,
without him knowing who you are so you
don't seem


Today, my sister and I were hungry so we went through the Mcdonalds drive through. I drive a rather old beat up car, and as we pulled up to the window to get our food the worker looked at me and sarcastically said "Nice car." Without missing a beat my 11 year old sister leans over the seat and said "Nice job." That shut him up. MLIA
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