Quotes added on Saturday, May 22 2010

So you decided to be a jerk.


A jerk that only cared about himself.
Being surrounded by girls, getting caught up in the moment.
You didn't even notice that she left.

Now all you want to do is hold her in your arms.
Wipe away her tears, get rid of all her fears.
Kiss her until the pain goes away.
Hold her hand walking down the hallway

But now; what you called forever.

Is gone.

 I was going to fav it until you told me, I just made me not want to...
 someone asked me if i missed you.
i didnt answer.
i just closed my eyes and walked away.
then i wispered "so much" </3
& i wanted to know... 
( how that would feel )
& you made it so real...
hi guys how are you?????
 You know you love him,
when he is the only one you EVER think about<3
some1 talk 2 me
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