Quotes added on Saturday, May 22 2010

and if you want direction baby i can take you farther
and if you want affection baby i can crush you harder
and if you checkin' i won't be very far cause baby i'll always be on ur

the night Justin Bieber was on american idol...
my dad says dead serious,
"is that a girl?"
made my night.
Friends Forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ but sisters til' the end ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

♪   ♫    ♪    ♫    ♪    ♫ 

 Scream                  me a ♥     love song  ♥

♪    ♫    ♪    ♫    ♪    ♫

This time baby, I'll be ;

I promise.

love is like lightning; you get struck once and baby it kills
 f everyone cared and
NOBODY     C R I E D,          IF       EVERYONE       L O V E D       AND       NOBODY       L I E D

& i'm proud to say, i was a
 michael jackson
 fan even before he died. <3

like hes mean to you but sometimes guys do that
because theyre scared of there own feelings .
maybe he cares alot about you

but is afraid hes gonna lose you

because everyone who he cares about hes lost.

hes afraid of loving people because when he does he loses them


-- Never Give Up On The One You Love. *

Soooo..... did anyone ever fall for someone and feel someone fall for them back the millisecond they looked into eachother's eyes?(:

Just happened to me like 2 weeks ago <3

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