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we used to text 24/7
we used to hang out 24/7
we used to call eachother every night
your to busy with your new little friends
you only talk to me when they arent
you ask to hang out when they cant
when they get over you
and come back to me
youll see what happens
because youve already hurt me
&&im pretty done with you.
A conversation with two of my friends, about the type of guys I like...

Elizabeth: You have a thing for gingers.
Me: No I don't.
Elizabeth: Yes you do. You dated one, and you like one.
*Breanne starts laughing as we argue from either side of her*
It's only been two! And I didn't date him!
Elizabeth: From what I can tell you did.
Breanne: Two is a lot compared to how many gingers there are out there.
Me: Shut up.
Elizabeth: It's like you have this medical condition...
Me: And what is that?
*Elizabeth's quite while Breanne and I look at her*

No offense to gingers because as you can tell i do like them.
you broke my heart
now this is the part
that i know it wasnt smart
to let you into my liife</3

 it's  so hard to forget someone

who gave you so much

to remember

i ' m  [ x x ]  l o s i n g  [ x x ]   m y   [ x x ]   m i n d ;
over you.♥

[Im not invisible...]
*I want to be loved*
I want to know...
I'm loved and cared for...
 You know you're in love
when you can't fall asleep at night;
because reality is finally
( b e t t e r )
than your *dreams*

-Dr.Suess <3

i want you, but im not giving in this time.
goodbye to you

kittles that go to college


The girl asked her boyfriend if he liked her..he said no..Then she asked if he thought she was pretty....he said no....she asked if she were to walk away that moment if he would cry..he said no.she turned to walk away and the boy said...I dont like you i LOVE you i dont think your pretty i think your BEAUTIFUL and if u were to walk away rite now i wuldnt cry i would DIE

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