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 Thank you, Captain Obvious!

                           . . . . 
                                           You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm ;)

is a gift just like a present but loves comes & goes just like a bird but my love for you . . . . . .  is gone bby i dont need you anymore at all !

& thats a fact ! =]

Just give me a smile
   That smile that makes my heart flip
       That smile that makes me happy for the whole day
           That smile...
               That wull never be to me
really lazy wit colors,,,my bad
is a gift just like a present but love comes & goes just like a bird but my love for you will never go

& thats a faaact =] <3
Seventeen    and    invincible
Happy   Birthday   to   me :]

 Sometimes you need to run away 
[         ♥       just to see who will come after you    ♥          ]

**highlight** :]

Ohhkayy, soo i just recently broke up with my boyfriend for someone else that i had like a little bit more and i know it was wrong i told him i said i was stupid and selfish... I asked him to be my friend, he said NO, I replied why, he gave me no responce back. then i sent him again. Okay i know that what i did was wrong, We all have our faults but other than me breaking up with you, you have no right to be treating me like this all i want is to be your friend and yes i knoe i hurt you so once again i was being stupid and selfish i'm sorry but why yew are acting like a slight jerk towards me i dont knoe but im really sorry and i hope that you can learn to accept that cause it wont change soo once again i'm really sorry and i hope that this all blows over soon.! but that is what i sent to him he sent bak im not being a jerk  so that is what happend soo i keep asking him to be my friend he says NO and it is kinda breaking my heart. but i broke his so whats the differance? right there is NONE AT ALL. anyways what i am saying here is that GIRLS AND GUYS NOTICE WHAT YOU HAVE WHEN YOU HAVE IT CAUSE THE MOMENT YOU LOOSE YOU WILL WANT IT BAK AND WONT BE ABLE TO HAVE IT BACK!!!! I LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKE AND I DONT REGRET DATING HIM AT ALL BECAUSE IT WAS WORTH MY TIME. HE MADE ME SMILE! =] JUST WHEN YOU FIND THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL DONT LET HIM/HER GO!!!!!
Life is a gamble, an exciting ride
it takes you up and down
and then side to side.

Don't close your eyes
But hold your hands up high.
Just Live
and the worst part is
i miss you.
and you dont know it.
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