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if somebody misuses "your" one more time i will strangle a baby.
I'm in love with him !<3
& So far, I'm having no Regrets .
Maybe a few Concerns, but never Regrets .
All I need to make my Summer '1O complete,
is a ..............
Summer Romance !<3
you're mine
i'm yours
and NO
she can't be a part of 



*like this (: 

ou know that I love you

so I'll love you enough to let you go... ♥          

format inspiration: LostPieces/ohhshanappp
"I know you're lonely.
I think you need someone to want you.
well, i do want you,
so be brave and want me back"
Dorthy was lost in the Oz
because she had three men
leading the way

 whaevery kiss means:
kiss on the stomach; i'm ready.
kiss on the forehead; i hope were together forever.
kiss on the ear; your my everything.
kiss on the cheek; we're friends.
kiss on the hand; i adore you.
kiss on the neck; we belong together.
kiss on the shoulder; i want you.
kiss on the lips; i like you.

What the gesture means... 
holding hands; Wwe definitely like each other. 
slap on the butt; that's mine. 
holding on tight; i don't want to let go. 
looking into each other's eyes; i just plain like you. 
playing with hair; tell me you love me. 
arms around the waist; i like you too much to let go. 
laughing while kissing; i am completely comfortable with you. 

don't ask for a kiss, take one. 
if you were thinking about someone while reading this, 
you're definitely in love. 

post this again after reading!! 
or you will have a bad year of Relationships. 

If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now 
and can't get them out of your head 
then re-post this within one minute and whoever you are 
missing will surprise you. 

Repost this as what every kiss means

I can never go back to Sea World. I went there ago a few years and I cried because the day before that I lost my best friend. Her goal in life was to save animals... Not from dying in the wild, from dying in captivity. She said she would rather have sea animals die in nature, naturally, then in captivity, poisoned. She said that they aren't happy in captivity, having to do tricks that they may not want to do. And those people baby them  but when they don't cooperate they set them free in the wild, where they don't know how to live, because they babied them. I never did any thing to stop the captivity. I never thought about it before. I thought that this was my best friend's thing, not mine. I was also embarrassed of it. I was embarrassed of everything. But she wasn't, she didn't care. She was living the life. She didn't care what other thought, but she cared about others.   Then when I went to Sea World, I only thought about her and her goal. I cried. I was watching a show, sitting at the top of the bleachers, i stood up and turned around so no one would see me crying, Then I saw dolphins, playing together, no one bugging them. Seeing them free made me want to be like my best friend. Made me want to-

- Not care about what others think as long as I'm living MY dream.

- Not care about what others think but care about others.



- Love

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