Quotes added on Wednesday, June 2 2010

He knows i like him...
He knows you like him...
Who will he pick...
It's going to be me...

and NOT afraid to admit it.
being afraid is stupid because no one will judge you. 
Love you all, but especially L (:

If a guy can play the guitar,
it makes him that much more

A skype convosation between me and my friend Charlie

Charlie-*playing a song* dammit i dropped the plectrum one sec.....got it :)
*carries on like nothing happened*


This quote does not exist.

i was born to tell you



One day i was walking in a park and i saw a young women with a child crying and i walked over and said "can i hold your baby" and she said yes so i held it and reaized it was a fake baby and it started to cry so i droped it and ran yelling FAKE BABY STAY AWAY IT'S AN ALIEN!?!?
Let's Just Say
all guys are S.T.U.P.I.D
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