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And you love me how?
part 28.
i put my phone down next to me as i kept getting texts from Steve.. i was fed up with him.. 
"dont drop it.." Dean said..
"im not going to.. im not that stupid.." i said looking at Pim trying to eat an ice-cream cone.. i started laughing as it was melting in her hand and she was getting it all over her face..
"Wence!" Dean screamed.. i looked between them two, then i relized, he pushed his hand back to lean back and he swished my phone off the board walk.
"oh my god.." i said starting to cry cause honestly i don't know how my dad will react..
"Don't worry.." Dean said jumping off the board walk
"DEAN!" i screamed in fear.. i didn't know how deep or swallow the water is. i dropped Penny on to Urban and sprinted down the board walk.. and then ran some more to meet up with a dripping wet Dean.
"im sorry.." i said looking around for a towel or something
"its fine.." Dean said wipping his eyes from the water
"no its not.." i said and then ran up to a consession stand and bouth him new shorts and a new T-shirt..
"you didn't have to.." he said taking them and started walking to the mens room..
"well.. neither did you.." i said.. he blushed a little then walked in.. bumping into the door. i laughed a little then started jogging up the board walk..
"i think he likes you.." Pim squealed as i took a seat grabbing Penny back into my lap
"nah.." i said looking at how damaged my phone is..
"yeah huh.." Wence jumped in..
"Yeah Yeah.." Penny sang.. i laughed
"Urban?" i asked looking at him
"hm.." he said texting
"what do you think?" i asked
"yeah.." he said.. probably not even knowing what were talking about
"well.. i dont think you should go out with him.. cause.. that would be awkward.. but.. i think he likes you.. but.. i know someone in a grade older than you, that likes you, in my school.." he said
"who? and.. who would know me.. i mean.. i don't go to that school.." i said
"i know.. but mom inrolled you in.." he said
"why would my mom do that?" i asked confused
"oh my god.. Marisol.." he said
"oh.. that makes better sence.." i said
"yeah.." he said sighing
"but.. still.." i said still confused..
"eh.. youll find out soon enough.." he said giving up
"um.. ok" i said still confused..
friends are like the bacon bits
on the salad bowl of life
 you're so hypnotizing ,
you got me laughing while i sing;
you go me smiling in my sleep. 

♡(: ♡
I am

but you never seem to care. 

 every hello ends with a goodbye ,♡

just wanna be your baby
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
 SoMeTiMeS i HoNeStLy WoNdEr WhAt ThOsE gUyS wHo SaY tHeY aReN't LiKe ThE rEsT oF tHeM, i WaNt To KnOw WhAt ThEy ArE lOoKiNg FoR.?

I am the Titanic
you are the iceburg.
You broke me into
just like you
did to my

I just want to slap an EASY botton on that girls forehead.

credit to friends<3

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