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make [s.o.m.e.b.o.d.y,]
your (e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.),
because when there
g.o.n.e. you
will [h.a.v.e.]



listen up, girls. 

let me just tell you that he's not worth it.
he's a waste of your time.

you'll see one day that
boys are all just jerks.
they never fail to let you down when you
need them the most
your heart will get broken
time and time again
and the funny thing is that silly girls,
we never learn.

 Oh, Those Stupid Boys ! <3

Dont Youh Hate It When;
 No one answers there text?(:           

All mine:]

if you mean no

it hurts  like hell
knowing i won't ever be his
favorite hello  , & hardest
but i smile,   trying to not show it bothers me.
I am a F L Y E R S fan & I am proud to say.. that we did our best, BLACKHAWKS CAN GO SUCK IT! FLYERS FOREVER AND EVER .. Blackhawks won AFTER 49 years <-- now thats DISSAPOINTING .. jk they suck that much! FLYERS; DONT WORRY WE WILL ROCK THEM NEXT TIME ;)
 ok guys so i just broke up with this guy cuz we never see each other and i still really like him and idk what to do please comment and help me out cuz i really need it. 

Thanks, turtle36765

and baby,
 out of all the guys i have ever met,
your the one who makes
me draw those silly little hearts
 all over my papers...

tanley Cup 2010!
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