Quotes added on Tuesday, June 15 2010

 when I was younger,
saw my daddy cry

a n d c u r s e a t t h e w i n d .  h e b r o k e h i s  
o w n h e a r t,
and i watched as he tried to  r e a s s e m b l e  it. 

the truth is
you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.
life is a crazy ride,
& nothing is guaranteed.
&& So I just realized,
he didn't like me, he felt bad</3

Broken Lovers 
es I Made You  
Believe that I Would be
the One to He
If Justin Bieber said breathing isn't cool,
99% of girls would drop dead.


And sometimes I get


I've always lived like this,
//////// keeping a comfortable distance </3

If you can pull the trigger, I will load the gun.
& If you can tie the knot, I will make sure you're hung.
If you can find the pills, I will make that bed.
I don't need the devil, I've got you instead.

Here we go again,
I kinda wanna be more than friends
but I want to run and hide
I want to run and Hide 
Am I ugly
cause he tells everyone I'm
Am I fat?
Cause he seems to think so.
Am I stupid?
Cause he calls me that.
Am I not good enough
for him?
I know all the answers to the question, and they are all yes.
*major vent.
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