Quotes added on Thursday, June 17 2010

gravity is stupid.
we should all be able to fly.

You know what the saddest part is?
I knew you were going to break my heart....

Thanks for not disappointing.



i type "haha" when i can't be bothered to think of a good reply
This quote does not exist.
Who thought high school was you chance to find love?
Did it work out for you?

wish I could change the past;  
 But then again, I would never learn from my mistakes. So i'll just live with the fact that everything happens for a reason <33



How you make me feel on a daily basis.

Live life
the way you want to live it
 don't let anyone tell you
what to do

I was born with a bat in my hand, a glove in the other,
spikes on my feet,
and my mother didn't like that much.


Our mistakes don't define us 
It's what we do about them that does <33

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