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I love you is an 8 letter word ,
alot of us say it , but do we mean it ?

My first quote ^^^ comment & fav please (:

Loved you once,
Love you still,
lways have,
Always will.

Join this if...

you're sick of not getting enough sleep.

All because,

you're thinking of him.


Nuf Said.

I     d o n ' t     t h i n k     I     c a n     b e

(             s        .          ))

bet  x  next  time  x  we  x  see  x  each  x  other,   i'll  x  probably  just
grab your hand
w i  t  h o  u  t    t  h  i  n  k  i  n  g    t  w  i  c  e   a  b  o  u  t    i  t  .
but if friends is all that we can be for now,           
i'll be just fine.
It's better than nothing.
       i   j u s t   m i s s   y o u   b e i n g   n e x t   t o   m e .            

I was so ready for summer 2010 but now its come i want it to go away. I want school back so i know i will get to see *him* everyday. So that i know he isnt all over other girls behind my back. So that i will get those special moments with him everyday.... But now its summer and im thinking "why did i want this so bad... its hell!"

Witty profiles...

is like a girls   


How do you get the borders around your quote!

time after time
part #17

"so how long have you been waiting here?" i asked, wiping under my eyes.
"not that long.  you've been on my mind all day, i had to talk to you, or i wouldn't have been able to sleep."
"well it looks like you're ready to sleep now." i poked at the dark circles under his eyes. i walked over and sat on a couch i had in my room.  he came over, and i laid down in his arms.
"so you really do like me." i said.
"like is an understatement.  i think you are the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful girl i've ever met." he smiled.
"and you are the craziest, hottest, most remarkable skater boy i've ever met." he laughed.
"i'm not a complete skater boy. i used to play basketball." he said.
"yea same, but i guess i went all gun ho in lacrosse, so i stopped."
"listen, rach.  about what i said today."
"no, don't worry about it. i'm trying, i really am."
"but he was such a huge part of you, it's okay." he argued.
"no, but you're right.  it's not fair to you. he is, i guess, really gone." i said, a tear running down the side of my face.  he wiped it.
"and that's not your fault." he said. 
"and it wasn't his either.  i can't tell you how many times i've wished i was the one in the driver's seat, so he could've lived.  his life was worth so much more than mine is."
"but then we wouldn't be here." he said, and gripped me tighter.
"as soon as i met you, that's when you started changing my mind." i admitted.
"what?" he asked.
"being with you, was making everything a lot more bearable.  i didn't open that scrapbook until this morning.  and you know why?"
"why?" he whispered, matching my volume.
"because you made me strong enough to face my fears.  and now i can say i don't have to wake up and feel so alone anymore." i smiled, and he turned me around, and kissed me.
"i can't believe this is happening to me.  none of this ever happened at my other schools." i said.
"you probably just weren't looking hard enough." he said.
"i wasn't really looking that hard." i said.
"i was." he smiled.
"and look what you're stuck with." i smiled.
"ah, i'm pretty sure it's worth it." he said, and yawned.
"awh, you look tired.  you can just stay here." i offered, my phone said that it was 12, and i was pretty tired.
"your parents wont flip?" he asked.
"will yours?" i asked.
"well, no.." he began.
"what? tell me." i said.
"well, my mom died when i was 6, and my dad's stationed in Germany.  my older sister is home now, and she's taking care of me."
"oh my gosh, steve.  why didn't you tell me?" i asked, and i gave him a hug.
"it wasn't really a big deal." he said.
"but steve, you can tell me anything." i said.
"i know that now." he smiled.
"but you can stay, right?" i asked.
"yes." he smiled.
"alright, do you mind if i take a shower really quick?" i tugged at my wet, chlorine-infested hair.
"go right ahead." he said.
"you can go on my computer, or do whatever, just be quiet.  my parents are sleeping." i smiled, and ran with my towel to take a shower.

okay, so yeah
maybe   his   phone   died
maybe   he  has   practice
maybe he doesn't have reception
maybe he's with his friends
maybe he got his phone taken away
maybe he's scared to text back

but really...
we all know he's not texting back
because he doesn't want to talk.
put down the phone and go to bed.
he's not texting you back tonight.


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