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i love you more than 
old people love bingo
PrettLittlLiarQuote #2
Emily: Maybe I'm not the person
everyone t h i n k s I am.
Who is?

Loading An Amazing Summer...
████████████████] 99%
 i just want to be 
that is all

i’m hiding my tears behind that smile.

*mine. all mine. (:
&+ know
everyone else is probably all excited to be out of school for the summer.
just graduated eighth grade and this summer should be fun right?
heading off to a new high school where some of us will stay together,
but others are going off to schools far away and some are even moving
so honestly, i don't want to leave
i would much rather sit in school for six hours every day
with my friends by my side. cause they've been there for ten whole years
they have been there from finger painting
to our first christmas show
to parties whenever the red sox won a game
to learning how to read and write 
to learning division and multiplication
to sending out our flat stanleys 
to making our first presentations in front of an audience
to our first year of middle school drama
to becoming real best friends and hanging out almost every weekend
to walking down the isle in our caps and gowns
you guys have been there through my ups and downs
my many tears and laughs
you picked me up when i fell
when i thought i ran out of tape to fix my broken heart
you ran upstairs and got the glitter glue that mended it and even made it look a little pretty
this ones for my girls and guys who've been there for me for as long as i can remember
guys, i love you with all of my heart and i just want you to know that
im gonna miss your warm comforting hugs when i was feeling down
and i'm gonna miss your pats on my shoulder and you laugh when i did something stupid
and girls, im gonna miss our fridays together stalking my neighbors and their hot friends (:
and im gonna miss the nights when we would just go to the big y, buy a ton of frozen food
go in the attic and just eat and watch stupid movies
to all of the people who've been my best friends though the years
this was to tell you how much i love you and how much i'll miss you
so honestly, i'd rather just sit in school for a whole six hours with my best friends by my side
PrettLittlLiarQuote #3
Emily: I kinda sleep in the m i d d l e .
Maya: I kinda sleep in the middle, too.

It looks like you don't need me at all anymore...
So why does a part of me still need you...?

With the way things are going...
I may not have to break up with you at all...
The last time we spoke was a week ago..
And it was only because you needed my help...
It looks like you don't need me anymore...
Maybe if I left you..
It wouldn't be as bad as I thought...
Maybe I should take it as a sign...
And begin to move on...

I never gave up....
You just never tried....

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