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"You have to tell me why we're commiting  Afelony before we do it. not thats its gonna stop us but at least i'll have all the facts."
- Logan Huntzberger
Gilmore Girls

i want you to know i still love you,
and i still sleep with your sweatshirt everynight.
with that same t-shirt underneath.
and sleeping right next to me;
is that blue teddybear.
you know the one..
you gave me
it for our
4 month

mine; no jocking

Drunk Driving
...a major cause of death among teens.
About 3,000 teens die each year in an alcohol related accident.
So... favorite this if you like PopTarts.

There's a big red truck in Mianus ;)
Shes my bestest friend ;)
When everything in my life seems to be crashing down,
you were the one i could turn to.

Not anymore.
Where are you?

Do You Ever Wonder


If your friends really like you?

If your family can trust you?

If love is worth fighting for?

If you’ll never  wake up?

Why you are here?


If you do, click the ♥


Over you?
you have an amazing smile
amazing personality
you can always make me laugh

you never lied to me
adorable in every single way
laughs like an angel

That's impossible

if u can wear sneakers and jeans in the winter...
why cant you wear uggs and shorts in the summer?




  Free Fallin’

Chapter 5


...is anyone even reading? please let me know.. i don't want to waste my time :|

We all got off the plane, when my mother, Jen, came running off the plane, happy she survived. She was always afraid of flying, and as the years went on, she just got worse and worse. Now that the plane ride was over, she felt like she could finally enjoy herself.


“Loug, who was that cutie sitting next to you on the plane?” My mother asked me.

“Ma, I’m actually surprised that you noticed where I was sitting. Don’t you have to concentrate on the flight?” I giggled. Since my mom was afraid of flying, she always felt like she had to “focus” on the plane, and by doing that, it wouldn’t crash. Yeah, don’t ask me why...

“But I honestly didn’t even catch his name..” I realized that I regretted not talking to green eyes more than I did, but I guess you can’t change the past, right?


We all began to get our luggages, and we hopped into a van to take us to the hotel for the night. Since the boat left the following day at 2, we decided to just fly in the night before, just in case. That way even if our flight was delayed, there was no way of missing the boat. 


In the van, I sat by Joseph, and began talking about all the exciting features on this new boat. Over the course of the past year, Joseph has really inspired me to become a better person. He’s shown me that anything is possible, and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. You must never give up, and always put 110% into everything you do. I loved hanging out with him, because his optimistic mood was contagious, and just being around him made me happy. Knowing that he survived brain cancer shows me that I could pretty much do anything I set my mind to. 


Joseph and I spoke about how we hoped to make friends on this humongous boat, and how we planned on going to the teen clubs a few times, just to see what kind of people were going to be on the same boat as us. I heard about this cool feature, where you can go onto the computer, and speak to different people on the boat to meet new people. We agreed that we planned on doing that.


Just in time for our conversation to end, the van pulled  up to the front of the Marriot hotel. It was a gorgeous hotel from the outside, but it’s too bad that i was too tired to actually care about the scenery. By the time we checked in, and brought all the luggage up to our rooms, it was 2 am! Everyone was beat from the plane ride, so we all went our separate ways for bed.


I kept tossing and turning for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future, and the thought crossed my mind of ‘what happens if I stay single for the rest of my life?’ It was a scary thought. But I guess I couldn’t be bothered with something like that now. The excitement of the boat was also getting to me. I couldn’t wait to see what the newest Carnival cruise ship looked like up close!

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