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I wish..


Does anyone else remember the show "Out of The Box?"

**Boarder Credit to CmpSunday**

 I love how he said i love you.
And how he said that I would be his forever.
Now it's midnight and i'm laying on my bed
eating Ben and Jerry's thinking what went wrong.

some people write songs

others write in journals

and others write on witty

its all diffferent ways of exspessing yourself

The past, it haunts me;yeah it kills me every single time.
&now my mind is          > racing,my heart p o u n d s in my chest
I know I have to let you go, but I just
can't forget

We ignore the ones who adore us

Adore the ones who ignore us

Love the ones who hurt us

Hurt the ones that love us

Oh shut up. 

Stop saying how you regret everything,
Because honey if your wasting your time,
Writing about 'him.'
Then you don't regret it,
And your not over him.
*not my formatt*
Google:The mind i never had

There are over six billion people in the world,
and all I want is youu
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