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30 Days, 30 Letters
         Day 3, letter 3                      Your Parents (Mike & Cristy)
Dear Mom & Dad, I know you try doing the best for me & I don't notice
that though.   I don't come to you with my problems,   &  it hurts you. I
just don't like opening up to family, I don't know why. But I want to just
thank you for being there, even if I always pushed you away, Love you.
Love, Me
i want to be your happiest hello,
a  n  d   y  o  u  r  h  a  r  d  e  s  t   g  o  o  d  b  y  e
I'm forever yours faithfully.
I just wish you were mine.

 Down like she 'posed to be
she is down low for me
down like her temperature
cos to me she's zero degrees
she cold, over freeze
I got that girl from overseas
Now she's my miss America
Now can I be her soldier, Please?
I'm fightin' for this girl
On the battlefield of love
Don't it look like baby cupid
sending arrows from above
Don't you ever leave the side of me,
Indefinitely, not probably,
And honestly, I'm down like the economy
sometimes, when i read some peoples quotes, i just kind of look over them, or some i skip all together. but the ones that are super long, i always read. not because they're the prettiest, or the most popular; but because i think that if someone is willing to open up in front of thousands of anonymous people, the least i can do is take a few minutes and read what they have to say.
i'm riding solo <$$$
Am I the only one

Who cried at the end of Toy Story 3?

Or dont text me back
Thats ohk too
& it's nice that you remembered me, but let's face it. you don't really care.
HI my name is _Melanie____
And I am a Witty addict.
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