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 *if  kisses were raindrops;
it hurts to know,
*/////////////that everything you said to me was a lie. 

Her name’s Alyssa.
Here’s the thing.
She’s not my friend & she’s not my bestfriend either.
No, she’s my sister.
We fight sometimes a lot.
But, we ALWAYS get through it.
We laugh a little too much.
& pay the consequences.
Sometimes, it’s like we [share a mind].
But she gets the better half.
I wouldn’t be able to live without her.
She’s the peanut to my butter.
The fun to my dip.
She always gives me a shoulder to cry on.
Picks me up when I’m down.
She's there for me.
You see, you meet very few people that you wanna keep in your life, & she’s one of them.
My friend, my sister, my chicken wing. ;)<3
I love her! <3
And I want her to remember that. ♥(:



 Hello Pop I'm Tart 
Maybe we were meant to be(:
 You complain no one ever texts you. That's because YOU NEVER TEXT BACK!

What do you say we run away?

Not to Florida.
Not to the next block over.
But to a different world.
Just you and I?
A whole wide world to explore.

& i don't care about what you say.

Chapter 3

After awhile of just hanging out I invited everyone over to my house to go swimming and watch a movie. My dad was out working. He wasn’t home very often lately. I hadn’t seen him in 2 days. He came home each night at almost 1 and then left by 6. When we all got back to my house I ran upstairs and changed into my new bikini.
I ran back down stairs and practically tackled Matt.

“Whoa hey sorry I didn’t see you.”

Blank stare

“umm are you ok…?”

“Dammnnnn.” Was his response

I blushed and giggled. He pulled me close and tilted my chin up and kissed me. It lasted a few seconds ten he picked me up and ran outside and threw me in the pool. While I was underwater I could feel his arms wrap around me. When I came up he was sitting there looking at me I giggled and then everyone else jumped in. We played an intense game of chicken; I won (: After about an hour we climbed out and grabbed our towels.

“Kilah come here for a sec.” Kelly whispered.

I walked over. “Yea?”


“Nott yettt shushhh!”

Then Matt walked over.

“Don’t lie now.” He said


“Kilah will you go out with me?”

I was speechless for a second… then I smiled “of course, of course ill go out with you.”
He leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slid his hands around my waist and we just stood there for what felt like ever. Then when we finally pulled apart everyone was already down in my basement looking through the movies. We decided on Dear John. (Love that movie) The movie had just started and I went upstairs to make some popcorn. I almost screamed when I felt him wrap his arm around me. I held his hand as I  took out the popcorn in put it in the microwave.

“Becka go see what they’re doing.” Said Nick

Becka was short with curly dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She snuck up the stairs and caught me sitting on the counter making out with Matt. Then the microwave beeped me and Matt pulled apart reluctantly and she snuck back downstairs.

“THEY WERE KISSING  ON THE COUNTER!!!!”  Becks said as she scooted onto Nicks lap, they were going out. Nick was a cute Italian with the dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Sorry didn’t want it to get to long

like a good neighbor
  ((   statefarm    is    there!   ))
 ♥//.................  with   a   hot   guy
whose           sensitive!
but        has       a       dark       side.

statefarm       commercial.
dont deny.                   
(:its funny and you love it.
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