Quotes added on Saturday, July 3 2010

If I had learned from my mistakes the first time,
then i would not be here
Making the same mistakes
and over
Sleep, If you would come
and Stay
I would promise
that I would have you come back again
& this is why i love WittyProfiles(:
because at anytime i want...
I can vent&take anger out on my laptop(:
       Thank you WittyProfiles Creator.
 it is just me or...
the guy we love
really really
(208): The only ground rules are no one is allowed to come who will say "no, that's a bad idea" or "what if we get arrested?"

-Texts From Last Night

30 Letters, 30 Days
Day 5, Your Dreams

Dear Dreams,
I'm not really sure wat you are yet. generally, i think you're to fall in love, graduate, have a good career, and be happy. basically, i just want to live my life. i hope you come true, it would mean a lot to me:)
Love, Me.

ome people say that before you die,

your whole life flashes before your eyes.
So, I say, why not make it something
worth watching? ///////////////////

hey you. yeah you. wait no the person next to you. yes you. do you like tacos?
30 Days, 30 Letters
Day 6, A Stranger

Dear Stranger,
I hope you have had, and continue to have a nice life:)
Love, Me
One bright morning..
in the middle of the night,
two dead boys came out to fight.
they stood back to back.
and faced each other..
drew their swords,
and shot eachother.
the deaf policeman heard the noise
and came to kill those two dead boys.
If u dont believe my story its true,
ask the blind man he saw it too.
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