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Even if I only get a mere 2 favorites
I'll be perfectly content
I know those 2 people understand           //♥

Life Is Like A Movie
If you are sad: Drama
If you are afraid: Suspense
If you are angry: Action
When you look in the mirror: Horror
Now your smiling: Thats Comedy!!!! :)

The Lovely Bone Quote#3

: Holly said there was a wide, wide heaven beyond everything we knew; where there was no cornfield, no memory, no grave... but I wasn't looking beyond yet, I was still looking back
Love Is Unstoppable
Chapter 4

     "You might want to get to the hospital as soon as you can.. Blake's time is running very, very short." That's when I lost it. I woke up Courtney and we headed straight to the hospital. When we got there, the nurses informed us that Blake had died just before we got there. She said we could go say our goodbyes, and told us when the funeral was.
     All I could do was stand there. It was like, my feet were cemented to the ground. I just could not move. Courtney started crying, and that's when I knew it was for real. We headed down to his room, but I refused to go in. "I can't do it," I told Courtney. And we went home. To my surprise, there was a black BMW parked outside my house. I've never seen the car in my life.
     When we got inside, Carter was there to greet me with open arms and a bouquett of roses. "I'm so sorry for your loss, babe," is all he said. I started crying again and he held me tight. "We'll make it through this," he said. And at that moment, wrapped in his arms, I knew everything was going to be okay. Courtney had to leave and go to work, but Carter stayed. We had the house to ourselves because my mom was at work, Riley was at school, and Jaden was at my grandma's house for the day. 
     We headed up to my room and just layed in my bed for hours talking. I finally drifted off to sleep around 9:30 and when I awoke the next morning, there was a note left on my dresser from Carter saying, "You're so beautiful when you sleep. I wish I could stay and watch you dream all night, but I've got to get home so I don't worry my mother. Goodnight, babe. I love you."
     When I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast my little sisters were sitting at the table smiling up at me. When I asked why, they started teasing me and yelling "Aubrey's in love, Aubrey's in love!" My mother told them to quiet down and proceeded to ask me about Carter. I told her where we met, when we met, and all the nice things I've learned about him. Then I told her about Blake. At that moment the room went quiet and all you could hear was Jaden's soft, whimpering cry. She really loved that boy, too.

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i wanna be a kid again
its more fun
and the only way u can get hurt is byI 
falling out o f a tree 
you see me standing there,
acting like you dont know me.
when last night, you were calling
me saying you want me. I dont
know why you always make me
feel like I'm the one thats crazy.
yelling at her isn't going to go back in time && change what she did, the only way to make a problem better is to be understanding.
Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back...
i knew the second
i left you
i would miss you...
as a best friend 
NOT a boyfriend

i am a very smart girl
and i know everything <3

the worst part of summer.
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