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Name 10 guy friends

Name 10 guy friends

2-Nick M
3- howe
5- Brad
8-M C hammer
9-Jon Arruda
10-Jon Hindinger

Party with 1 or 7?
1. 1
Marry 2 or 6?
Seriously? NEITHER they r both my exs

Kill 3 or 8?
3 is my bffs crush, 8 is my other bffs crush... neither pls

Date 9 or 10?
9 if i must,.

Make out with 4 or 7?
.......7 if i really must

Cuddle with 6 or 8?
Lmaoooooo 8? Idk him but i think its better then 6

Have kids with 4 or 5?
Neither but if I HAD to choose id say 4

Live with 1 or 9?
1 Definitly

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5?

Trade lives with 8 or 10?

Wake up next to 4 or 9?

1, 3
1, 3

A Few More Questions..

Has 3 ever hurt you?
no, mmy bff tho >=( hes dead meat

Have you ever hurt 4?

Who's the funniest?

Can you beat up 8?
Idk him.... prob no

When is the last time you saw 9?
June 22nd or 21st

Who's the smartest?

How long have you known 2?
this year seems like forever was oblivious at dock so basically 2 years.

What would you do if 1 and 6 started dating?

Who is 5 dating/crushing on?

Does 7 smell good?

I was born to tell you...
i love you


'm sorry that I hurt you,

          B   Y E          T   O   W   T   M         H .
Cencus Lady: Ma'm, whats your
Betty White: Blarrrrrfendar.

Cencus Lady: How is that spelled?

Betty White: L-E-E.

 i love you ,
thats it
no funny colors
or fades
no cute little hearts
or sweet layouts
no funny fonts
or little smiles
i just love you
when will you
love me?
Love is a bitter food you've learned to eat. -ben sollee

»I  told you I loved you. You told me the same. My heart is broken, now who's to blame

Please don't jock this (:




         No matter how                 many            times        people tell me I'm         beautiful,

I'll never believe them because I know it's not true.


10 favorites
• Favorite Color: Black, blue, neon green
• Favorite Food: Sushi, salad, or cheesecake
• Favorite Singer: Nevershoutnever/Andrew Lanton
• Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
• Favorite Sport: Badminton
• Favorite Season: fall or winter, sorta spring.
• Favorite Day Of the Week: friday or saturday.
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: cookie dough
• Favorite Time of Day: nighttime

9 currents

• Current Mood: depressed
• Current Taste: blood and sprite
• Current Clothes: bra, big alesana shirt, sweatpants
• Current Computer: pc (hp)
• Current Finger/tonail color: black
• Current Time: 11:00pm
• Current Surroundings: living room.
• Current Annoyance(s): life. and other people.
• Current Thought: I love her =\

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Pashai
• First crush: Brett
• First Screen Name: jessiegirljbluv
• First Pet: fish
• First Piercing: ears

7 Lasts

• Last Food Consumption: meatless spaghetti o's
• Last Car Ride: yesterday
• Last Text Message: from sara: i love you my boyfriend XD
• Last Movie Seen: Boys Don't Cry
• Last Item Bought: a soda
• Last CD Played: Asking Alexandria

5 Places You've Been To

• 1. Hawaii
• 2. California
• 3. Alabama
• 4. Minnesota
• 5. Oregon

4 Have You Evers

• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends:  Yes i have
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: no?
• Have You Ever Been on TV: yes
• Have You Ever Swore at Your Parents: not out loud, surprisingly.

4 Things

• You're Wearing: clothes
• You Did Last Night: talk to Dan.
• What Can You Hear Right Now: the T.V
• You Can't Live Without: Her

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
• 1. Erin
• 2. Marina
• 3. Skylah

2 Choices

• 1. black or white:  black
• 2. Hot or Cold: cold

1 love

• 1.  Anna

 30 days 30 letters
day 3
Dear Parents, 
You are annoying and naggy and you dont get me at all. but at the end of the day i look back and see all the nice things you do for me and i feel hurt that i am so mean to you. i think your first mistake with parenting was that as a child u spoiled me. i got WHATEVER i wanted. it made me think you guys were more my servants then my parents. i feel really bad for all the things i say and do to you, and of course i feel bad that i spend all of your money, but i wanted to let you know that i appreciate it alot . i love you guys and i know you mean well. i dont know what i would do without you. <3333
LOVE, me:D
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