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I believe everything happens for a reason
Good or bad, everything has a consequence
a consequence that was simply waiting for fate to act on it

I don't know how to fix this
and i cant believe you were
the first to actually be genuine

im sorry i didn't realize before
and i wish i could of believed
you but now i know
that you truely are who 
you say you are
Who am i to 
call you a liar? 

I cant believe i ruined 
what we have i also
cant believe that your
giving me another chance

Your all i ever wanted and
all i never needed so im
going to try my best to 
keep you forever and for always <3

all credit to meee. 

Nothing lasts forever...
You were my nothing,
and my forever is still out there.
i had this boy friend, you see. everything was going great. it had been about 4 months that we'd been going out, and nothing was really happening. so he broke up with me. i was devistated. he was the only thing that mattered in my life. i felt like i fell in a black hole. i knew no guy would ever like me that way ever. so i decided to try something new. first of all, i moved to an all girls school. i began to see the greatness in each and every girl there. i began to have feelings for them. there just so gorgeous. now, im a true lesbian. and to all you lesbians & gay people out there, dont be afraid to share it. its just the way things happen to be. its perfectly normal, dont be shy about it.
30 Days, 30 Letters-Day Eleven (A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk Too)

Dear Michael Jackson,



/////////AM I THE ONLY ONE/////////
///////WHO THINKS THAT IN////////


Lets get 69 Favorites (:

but if i had you,
the money, fame, and fortune never could compete <3

Music is an escape.
---> It takes you to another person's world, that maybe you can relate to.
It makes you laugh, smile, cry. It makes you feel
It cleanses your soul. It makes you feel on top of the world.
And when it's time to get back to the real world,
♥/////////////// You'll be ready. 

Ask For everyne who helped[:


30 Days, 30 Letters
Day 3: Parents

Dear Mom & Dad,

i wanna start off by saying thank you. so much. through everything i've been through, you've been by my side non-stop. you see the perfect in everything i do, & always find a way to have a smile on your faces. i know i'm not the picture-perfect daughter like in fairytales... but i'm close, right? i try so hard to be everything you've wanted in a daughter, along w following my own dreams. & so far, life's good :) i know i get on your nerves once in a while, but trust me, so do you guys ;) but i've never fell asleep at night angry w you guys. i know i catch an attitude when i don't get my way, but don't take it personally, i do that w everyone x) you guys are honestly the best parents in the world. if i want something, you guys try so hard to make sure i have it. i work hard everyday just to make you guys happy, bc i know that's all you want. & trust me, someday i'm gonna be the doctor living on the mountains in Colorado, like i always wanted when i was little :) i remember driving to California from Colorado & looking in amazement at those huge houses on the mountains. & dad, you would always tell me, "work hard Sissy, one day you'll be right there along w the other millionares," & i'm not gonna stop till i'm there. it'll be my turn to pay you guys back for everything you've ever done for me :) i love you guys so much, & i appreciate EVERY little thing you guys do for me <3

Sissy <3

Fav if u freaking HATE the fact that every single disney star becomes a singer ughh
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