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i wonder..
how it feels to be loved?

You were my everything , till yuh became ma enemy .
Of Course I
F l i n c h e d !
( You Almost Punched Me In The Face!!!)
the hardest part about walking away is
knowing that youu wont come
chasing after me

YoU BeLoNg WiTh Me....

The Gaga Law
(RAH)² (AH)³ + RO (MA + MAMA) + (GA)² + OOH(LA)² = Bad Romance

Is What Feelings Sound Like
i now know how to make it.
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Also i think its pretty good cause i have a few repeating customers :)

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what i like about you;
you're friends with a lot of girls, but i know i'm your baby.
your shaggy brown hair that hangs just above your eyes.
your amazing green eyes.
the way you sneak up and hug me.
the way you keep me warm at football games.
the way you hold my hand at the movies.
the way you support me when we go ice skating.
your laugh.
the way you dress.
the way you kiss me.
the way you don't pull away from our hugs.
you're an amazing athlete.
you tell me i'm pretty, and i'm starting to believe it.
you kiss me in front of your friends, and my friends.
you don't care that i'm not as 'popular' as you.
you love me for who i am, not who i hang out with,
or how many boyfriends i've had before you.
i love you, and you love me.
but that's all that matters right? :)


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