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he's got a one hand fee on the steering wheel

The Other on my Heart
Taylor Swift! why does a guy have his hand on your CHEST!

- all mine! no jocking. spacing all messed up ;/
do you expect me to lie?

i like you. okay? you shouldn't be
too surprised. we've been good
friends for a few years, and we've
always had that special connection.
when you kissed me as "just friends"
you told me that you knew i would
never take it the wrong way...but
maybe i couldn't help but take it
that way. there has always been
a spark between us, and i know
i'm not the only one who sees it.

we always have fun together,
and we can talk about anything.
i feel like you understand me,
and we get along so well. i've
had this little crush on you for so
long now, and i know that you
like me too. so why won't you
do anything about it? just admit
that you have feelings for me
and that we could possibly have
potential for something amazing.
so please, just make a move,
and we could end up finding
the love we've always wanted.

G.A.Y= Justin Bieber
Gawjus Attractive And yummyyy<3

You’re the one who looked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was


m tired of always being tired.


respect yourself,
'  because if you don't  ,
n o    o n e   w i l l   **
`·.¸ I love youu to much babe.

 Should I smile
because we are friends
Or Cry
Because that's all we will ever be



Not jocking any quotes agian
Me :i wont dont worry sweetie :D:D but he will think its adorable cuz he loves you :D:d

Stephanie :    :D:D awww do you think he will??? Me : yeahhh im like 99.9% shure
Stephanie: and the other .1%? lmao

Me: lol the rare accorance where u will get beaten by chris brown HAHAHAHA

Thats a normal conversation between
be and my best friend <3 :D


Tied Together With a Smile
but your coming undone.

- all mine!
no jocking.
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