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why can't you just like me;
the way i like you
I did not Slap you ,

I high-fived your face !

Your The One.
Chapter 25.


  He asnwered the phone. "Hello?"
I was cryinq so hard and tryinq to talk but i couldnt. I kept chokinq up on my words. "Mark..i...cant....You...need..to...come......"
"Jocelyn is everythinq ohkia?"
"N..o." I said cryinq.
"Im cominq riqht now."
" 'Kay."
  I hunq up and kept cryinq and cryinq. I sat in the corner of my room and heard footsteps runninq toward me. Hands qrabbed me and i sat in Mark's arms. He squeezed me. "Jocelyn whats wronq?"

"Mark i cant be alone. You have to stay. I cant live like this. It hurts."
I cried so much. "I can stay."
"I need you every second. And i cant bare to be like this. I dont know whats wronq with me."
"Nothinq is wronq with you. I can stay and will stay."
I cuddled in his chest. He rubbed my back. "When are you leavinq?"
"I wont leave." He said.
"But you have to one day."
"No i dont. Who said that?"
"I did. You cant juss like not have a life.  You need to qo out and hanq with your friens."
"I can. With you too."
"No not with me."
"Yes with you."
"Why not?"
"Because you dont need to hover over me like i want you too. I shouldnt let you be doinq this."
"Who cares. You need me im here. Thats all what matters."
"No i care."
"Its qood that you care, but im qood. You need me and im qonna be there for you."
  I went to my bed and pulled Mark with me. I hopped in and closed my eyes. I was close to Mark and was huqqinq him. He kissed me. I kissed him back. I wasnt tired anymore. I kissed him and was so happy he was here. He didnt know how much i was qlad he was here. "When can we......?" Mark asked. I was now nervous. He kept askinq. I was beqinninq to qet worried. "Mark, dont qet me wronq but you seem to keep askinq me about it. Its worryinq me."

"Well i was juss wonderinq. I thouqht about qivinq it a shot. But its fine if you dont wanna do it."
"Oh its okay. I will wanna do it soon..." I said lauqhinq.
"Ohkai. Haha."
"Your house."
   I was beinq stupid. Sayin that i wantedd to loose my virqinaity to him soon? I was 16. Still younq. But i was in love. With him. And i know hes only qonna be mine. Forever.
"Get some sleep beaituful."
"Ohkai. I love you."
"I love you too. See you in the morninq."
  We fell alseep toqether holdinq hands and beinq in love.


 An "ex" is called an "ex" because...
it's an EXample of what you sxhxoxuxlxdxnx't have again in the f_u_t_u_r_e 
Credit to whoever- Edit to me(:
by the best.
you don't just stop living because you lose someone.

-the outsiders.
Find your love
part 12.
well the lights are still out. im in Brett's lap. and Cora's in Logan's. Krissy moved. and her and Abby are huddled together. the hockey team is just.. scattered. Dad went out... the guys downstairs probably hid. since all they want is me. they don't want anyone else.. i new it. i new it for a fact. they started yelling. violently. at each other though. a few were coming upstairs. my arms instantly locked around Brett's neck and at the same time his locked around my waist. hard. but i didn't mind. it felt like a reflex. and we all new from this moment on. they are going to intrude the room. and attempt to kidnapp me. we new it. someone knocked on the door. Cora started silently crying. no one answered. we new weather we answered or not, they'd kick there way in. wait.. maybe not.. i struggled out of Brett's lock. but he let go but he got up leaning on his elbow about to spring up if i walked toward the front door.. im not that stupid.. i silently but very quickly unlocked my deck door. everyone was looking at me. they all quickly but quietly followed. i silently grabbed my keys. and phone. and a sweatshirt that i keep.. outside.. i know.. weird.. but.. it came in handy now.. the guys in the hall were arguing between themselves. totally clueless of us jumping off the deck.. luckily my car is in the driveway.. unlocked.. i opened the gate.. Cody closed it very quietly.. we didn't care if were comfortable or not. we got into my car.
"Ready." i called. my Key inches away from the engine.. i was scared..
"scared.." Brett asked..
"yeah.. what if they did something to the car.. what if.. i put the key in.. and it blows up.." i asked
"Don't even.." Cora started.
"sorry." i said simply
"get out.. everyone.." they listened.. i closed my eyes.. and quickly put the key in.. everyone waited intently outside. Cora was gripping Logan around the waist. his head on hers. Brett had his hand on his forehead. Krissy was already on the ground gripping the grass. Abby was stroking her back. i had an idea. i got out of the car half way.. then i leaned my hand in.. so if it did go in flames.. just my arm would get burned.. i turned it quickly then sprinted away.. backwards. Cora did a terrifying scream. but when i turned around it was too late. i was in a grip of Hunter. the whole hockey team.. well.. everyone that was outside came running towards us
"Brett!" i screamed crying as i was getting lugged towards the car.. i was not getting kidnapped.. i was not.. as they were trying to get me in the car i was kicking around the doorway. a couple of guys were running towards us.. i heard it.. i kept struggling. just a few more seconds is.. a few more seconds.. but im so tired.. im not in the mood to be kicking my way out of a truck..
"Is!" Brett screamed behind me i turned my head. someone else gabbed me. they grabbed my feet. i was being pulled like a rope. i started screaming in pain someone took my stomach and i got flung to them i closed my eyes at this point. i fell asleep. i figured it would be easier. when i woke up the next morning i was in so much pain. i was in guy boxers and a baggy T-shirt. i wasn't sure if i was in one of the guys who tried to kidnapp me house or if i was in on of the hockey teams' house. or Brett's. it was so dark in this room. blinds closed with dark navy blue curtains with the same colored walls and black carpet with black sheets. i decided id go downstairs. no one was talking. the whole house was carpet. it was so weird. but nothing made a sound. the kitchen was gigantic. but it was the only part that wasn't carpet. it was so cold. i walked back upstairs. the back door was sliding open.
"is she dead?" someone asked
"well. she did take a nasty throw against the truck.." someone else commented. they were walking in the kitchen. i ran into the room i woke up in and slid into the sheet cuddling for warmth. it was so friggin cold here.
"check.." someone said some one walked over to me and pressed there hand lightly on my neck then on my wrist.
"shes alive. but who sleeps till 2 in the afternoon?" he asked
"someone who gets thrown at a car and then falls down to the street?" someone asked laughing.
"you know.. if that didn't happen.. we would have lost her.." someone said they stopped talking. they were all looking at me. i felt myself blushing so i turned so they wouldn't notice im listing.. they walked downstairs. and back outside. i shot back up. bad mistake. my head started spinning. i needed to see who these guys are.. once my head became normal, i walked back downstairs. as they were coming in
"Morning sunshine!" someone said. i did not remember him.. uh-oh.
Unfair Choices
Part 26
The store smelled faintly of perfume. Couldn't really place the scent, but for some reason, I knew it. I kept the question of the scent in the back of my mind.
                      Cassie was pulling me towards the section of dresses for proms and weddings and all sorts of different occasions. Eva looked at me when we reached it. "I'm going to let you go look around, and if you find something you like, go try it on. I'll be looking for shoes if you need me." I nodded and watched her go. 
                      "Alright, where should we start?" Cassie looked up at me. "Check your size range, of course~" We walked over to my rack. I started looking at the dresses, each on poofier than the last. "Hey Kenzie! Look at this one!" Cassie held up a short, flow-y red spaghetti-strapped dress. I immediately loved it. Now to check if it fit....

What the dress looks like: http://www.1stpromdress.com/products/big/20071223171130.jpg
Guys, i know it's short. But I've kinda lost interest in writing this one ever since that incident happened....So uh......yeah. there's probably only going to be like, two more parts, and I'll start a new story.

_+&to be completely honest,
i love you more than her...

30 days, 30 letters
day 10: someone u dont talk to as much as ud like

dear chris,
u were one of my best guy friends. u were always there to make me laugh and u are so much fun to be around. well, when u arent with paige. u are so much happier when u dont have a gf. that day tht we were waitting for david to come to the lacrosse game, it was probably one of the best days of my life. it was so much fun. i felt bad i made paige jealous though. i didnt mean to. im happy u didnt get mad at me. it felt so godo to hang out, no gfs, no bfs, just 2 good friends. im sorry u and paige arent together but at the same time im happy u guys arent. dont tell paige, i love her and all but i miss u as my 1 of my 2 best guy friends. i liked hanging out with u at paiges lacrosse games because it was just us friends, since it was before me and david got together and paige couldnt talk to u. i really loved it before either of us got together with anyone. please, now tht ur single, come back in my life as my good friend.


     ur 2nd biffle;)

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