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+ I Would Never Tell... #1
But I'm secretely EXTREMELY jealous of my best friend.
She's absolutely gorgeous, me on the other hand.... not so much.
The other day when we were in boston, one guy followed us for ten minutes,
and three guys came up to us and asked for "our" numbers.
When I started to say mine, they cut me off and said
"alright, bye!"
Sometimes, all I wish is to be as pretty as her....

Guys or Death?
Chapter 10

"Ok, what do you want to know?" Jayden said smiling and rubbing my hand.
"How was your surgery? Are you fine now?"
"The surgery went well, especially the dream," Jayden kept smiling at me and tried to kiss my hand.
"Yeah, I loved the dream. Did you feel any pain when you woke up?"
"Yeah, I was in a LOT of pain. I was very stiff. They gave me some pills and a shot."
"That's good. What are they gonna do about your fragile nose?"
"I actaully don't know. They haven't told me."
"Awwww. What are they doing tomorrow?"
"They are going to stitch up the rest of the cuts today. They aren't finish with them."
"Ouch. I'm so sorry, Jayden! I'm so sorry! I wish this never happened."
"Alex, it's alright. I'm fine, we are gonna be FINE. As long as we are together. I can't go through this without you. I have to see you everyday, to know you are fine. I know I've told you this before, but I want you to know, I mean it."
"I love you Jayden. I love you SOOOO MUCH. I love youuuu. I have to see your eyes and your smile every minute, but sometimes I can't. I want to get out of here.. It's getting on my nerves and it's boring."
I tried to get up and kiss him. I got up, with my head spinning. I wabbled while trying to get ot him.

"What are you doing? You don't need to get up. Lay back down, Alex."
"I'm coming over to you. I'm gonna lay on your cot with you."
"Come on over," he said smiling, again.
I gently tried to get on it, I was very weak. He tried helping me up, and I got up there.
"Come here baby."
"I'm coming." I got on top of him and grabbed his face and started kissing him. I licked his face. We started laughing. I tried to be gentle I didn't know if he was in pain. We haven't had a real kiss in a while.
"Am I hurting you?"
"No, you're really light. You haven't been eating?"
"I don't know. I've lost my appetite."
I lifted his shirt and rubbed his stomach. He moved my hair and kissed from my forehead to my neck. I laughed and he stared in my eyes.
"Your eyes are gorgeous. I could swim in them."
I stared in his.
"Your eyes are beautiful."
"Thanks baby. I love you."
"I love you, too," I said and kissed his lips for 3 minutes.
I lost my breath and asked him something.
"Jayden, can I ask you something?"
"Ask away, Alex!"
"When we get to to your house, can I sleep with you?"
"Of course you can! You're gonna sleep with me every night, for the rest of my life, I mean our life."
I grabbed his face, again and kissed him hard. I was getting rough. I stuck my toung in his mouth a french kissed. He grabbed my face and looked worrited.

"Alex, what are you doing?"
"I'm kissing you.."
"You've never done this before."
"Well, I am now."
"Because, I love you and you mean alot to me now. I've seen you in a better way."
"Oh, okk."
"Do you not believe me? Or you think I'm doing it for another reason?"
"I do believe you, it's juss that you only started doing that now since we got hurt."
"Do you think I'm loving you because we got hurt? Is that what your saying?"
"No, I'm not saying that. I was juss wondering. You've never done that before."
"Well, I'll stop now."

Again we fought because of me. I was always the problem. I got up from his cot and went back to mine. I scooted mine over to be away from him. I didn't want to be by someone who didn't want me loving them.

"Alex, I'm sorry."
I didn't answer for a minute. "I've heard that before."
"Alex, please talk to me."
"I am."
"Look at me, please?"
Why does he care? I didn't want to talk to him.
Again, I didn't say a word.
I heard footsteps. Did someone come in here while we were talking? They came closer and closer. I felt warmth around me. Heat. I felt breath and heard words.
"Alex, please. I want to tell you something."
It will be ok if you just be yourself

      Yes, cause that always works..
              you say im weird....
i say im unique(:
    a  n
*   l i f e    f x u x c x k x s   everyone   in   the   end   *

ere is nothing to discuss,

there's                   me                 and                 you                 but                 there's                   no                   us

Of course there's such a thing as love.
Everything's made of love.  But I think what there's no such thing as, is the love
that other people tell you about.  The love that you hear about from movies, or
from songs, or from your friends, or from your parents.  You know, you can take
what you want and leave the rest from those notions of love, but there's no love
except the one that you feel yourself. And it's different for everyone.
when you start to wonder whether you can trust someone or not,
that's when you know
 you shouldn't be together. 
The rapist

Not entirely my quote, sorry to whoever made the first one :))

for once i felt Pretty
  i felt Loved
        then you c 
with another thing shes better at.

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