Quotes added on Sunday, July 18 2010

 The Truth #1 
Everyone thinks I have a set plan, The Truth is I really don't have a clue.

 You never see it coming...
You'll just see it go...
Well you were too lazy about it...
You made me wait around...

I was so crazy about you..and I didn't mind.

nmcheerbaby(: <3
Guess what....I got hairy macaroni and cheese. Not good... :[
 You want to know my secret?

I love you
But I can't tell you
Because love hurts
And this is like hell
A personal hell

You want to know my other secret?

I stopped feeling bad
About lying to you
Deep down I wish we weren't friends anymore
Because all you do
Is give me crap
But I'm way to chicken
To ever admit that

true friendship<3
you only find it once. and when you do. . .you only THINK its true friendship. :)


girls are nothing but drama and they acct like there 2 yr olds and they need to go somewhere!!

no offensee to any of uu . ikno its uglyy but jus had to sharre it :). like this if u feel the same(:
And you know what?
I'm sick of being the one who's always there.
The one who's left out just because.
I'm sick of always being there for someone else, when
they aren't there for me. I don't think I deserve that.

I don't think anyone deserves that;
So, soon you're gonna need me, really, really bad.
But guess what? I got sick of being taken advantage of.
Walk On A Rug; Not Your "Bestfriend"

The Truth #2
I secretly used my step mothers tooth-brush
to clean the toilet when i was mad at her. 



[»when i'm alone]

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