Quotes added on Monday, July 19 2010

You promise herto give her first kiss.
          And u kept that promise<3
 Sometimes I just want
to say suck it.

cuz honey,
you are gorgeous and don't you ever forget that
 secret #1
i always flirt with guys and i never even realize it.. till they start to like me... i pretend to like them back. When they ask me out.. well that's when it goes all down hill.

If only you knew what it's like to have your heart

B R O K E N .

♥love     you need to find someone to give it a definition♥
Whats your favorite song?
I take my
phone with
me to bed
in case
you call
that should be me holding your hand.
that should  be me making you laugh.
that should be me, this is so sad.
{That should be me.}

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