Quotes added on Thursday, July 22 2010

my first kisswent a little like ...
oh wait, i haven't had it yet.
 sticks and stones may break my bones
but he, breaks my heart. 

i may say i dont like u and im over u but believe me in the inside im in love with you <3

there is no way i can get over it...

but tell me this my fellow witty friends,,

if the person you thought you could trust the most and loved the most just cheated on you... how would you feel??

i feel like my whole world just stopped and i am not gonna make it.

it doesnt help that i am suicidal and now this,,

this might be the last straw,,

my bf is cheating on me and i dont want to lose him,, i still love him:(

i am going to kill myslef... this is it,, i have gone through enough in my life and i cant take it anymore,, i need some help and something to fix this.

i learnt this the hard way...

life SUCKS!!

Here's too all the witty girls who keep posting stuff about how their lives are so miserable. And how depressed they are..
Guess what, nobodys feeling sorry for you?  
You make your own decisions. Your downing my mood:/
So, stopp!
i love my quotes
but i'm starting to think that;
since they're plain
you guys don't look at them

you're quotes reflect who you are.

if people aren't looking at my quotes
and i refuse to sugar coat them with
pretty colors, and unique fonts;

then i might as well say that i'm

just saying.



i hate jockers ! \\\ fave if u hate them too :)
 so i was on youtube and i was searching in the song
5 Minutes to Midnight by Boys Like Girls
and i look at the clock...
and it was five minutes to midight. 

 to wake up at 10:30 is early!?

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