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"I want to find a girl that is herself.   I don't want someone that *pretends.  So simple."
-Taylor Lautner ♥
"I want to find a girl that is herself.   I don't want someone that *pretends.  So simple."
-Taylor Lautner ♥
when someone gives you a pack of skittles, throw them at people and say
"taste the fricken rainbow!"
What the FRANK! Son of a BEATRICE! Holy Sheila! Well kiss my ASHTON! Ain't that a kick in the BALTHAZAR! Well wax my BUTLER! FABULOUS! lol 


Sunkissed skin so hot i'll melt your popsicle

                                                                -California Gurls
This quote does not exist.



so today ,
my best (guy) friend told me this ;

Him : "Paige .. i .. i think im on drugs." 
Me : ":O"
Him : "it's called Paige's Love."

& that's the waay he told me he loves me too . 
(more than a friend) ! :D
i thought that was cuuute ,
click the <3 if you thought so too . (:

My Boyfriend Is Famous
Chapter 6; Part 19
(finally home. but going away again Monday morning. don't know if there's internet so keep checkin' back!)

They stopped and Olivia and Justin pulled the hoods over their heads and ran in to get their photos developed and buy other unnecessary things. They got tattoos, stickers, 13 bags of Sour Patch Kids, two bags of M&M’s, and three liters of Sprite. They picked up the pictures and ran back to the tour bus and looked at all of them while tattooing themselves and eating candy and drinking soda.

“Oh, I love this one!” Olivia laughed, shoving a Kid in her mouth. She had a tattoo of an angel on the inside of her wrist, a heart on her ankle, and a J on the left side of her chest.

Justin had a hockey puck on the inside of his wrist, a music note on his ankle, and an O on the left side of his chest.

They put stickers all around the tour bus and gave a bag of M&M’s to Pattie and Sour Patch Kids to the driver.

Maddie slept right through more cries and Jack came up to take care of what was wrong. He saw Maddie, in an awkward position but looking oh, so comfortable. He put her underneath the blankets and kissed her goodnight.


How Much Grace Can One Guy Get?

Justin Bieber was caught in Connecticut on his headlining tour with rumored ex girlfriend, Olivia, cuddling in the grass. Our one question is, what happened to Grace Kleem? Grace Kleem was a girl who was friends with Olivia and we caught her and Justin together in public. After catching up with Grace Kleem, she explained that Olivia was one of her closest friends and she would never try to break them apart. Who’s side are you taking?

“That’s one wake up call,” Olivia said, pulling out her cell phone.

“What’s one wake up call?” Justin asked jumping off the top bunk, kissing Olivia’s ear.

“Ew,” she laughed, “Look at the paper,” she said, holding it out for him to see.

“Wow, they would,” he said, yanking the paper out of her hands.

“I’m going to call Grace,” she said, holding the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” Grace said.

“Did you read the Daily News today?” Olivia asked.

“No, Chaz has it.”

“And he hasn’t said anything…?”

She snatched the paper from Chaz’s hands and looked at the front page, her jaw dropped, “me and Justin aren’t dating, you know that, right?” she said.

“Yeah, I just wanted to tell you,” Olivia laughed, “I have to go though, girly,” and she hung up.

She pulled her laptop out of her bag and logged onto her twitter and tweeted about it.

She laid on the bed and sighed, Justin sat next to her, “Beautiful.”

“Handsome,” she complimented.




“Mine,” she inched her fingers over to his hand.

“Mine,” he grabbed it.

“Together,” she lifted herself up.

“Forever,” he inched closer to her face.

“Kiss me.”

He folded his fingers into hers and kissed her.

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