Quotes added on Monday, July 26 2010

I absolutely hate when animal abuse

commercials come on while I'm watching tv;;

Because they make me want to cry

</3 Favorite if you think animal abuse should stop </3

Freed mind #232;
I try to trick myself into thinking he still actually cares.

I really gotta pee!
But, I'm too lazy to get off witty <3


Freed mind #233;
my mind is suck in the past.



Out of all the people in the world i know i cant trust i thought i could trust you.
Boy was i wrong.

-It's forever, -lie
-I love you, -lie
-Your the most beautiful girl in the world, -lie
-Your the best girlfriend i have ever had, -lie
-I will never forget you, -lie
-I will never break up with you, -lie
-I love you more, -lie

The list could go on(:
Hate on me i don' t care. 
Wait, no your hot, i care now (:

Freed mind #234;
I wish I could know if somebody has ever crushed on me.
Because I think nobody, in 10 years of school that
I've gone through, has ever liked me.

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