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i was the reason you breathe. that i was worth 
more than the world to you + you would never
want to loose me no matter what happened
i  g u e s s  y o u  w e r e  l y i n g
cause you're still very alive, well and happy
w i t h o u t   m e  </3

Chapter 2:
         As I met my friends over by the lockers, all their jaws were dropped. “Wh- wh- who was th-th-that?” Alana said shyly. “No one.” I answered my closest thing to a relaxed expression at that time. “She said, who was that!” Said Sam. I couldn’t take it anymore, “That was the new kid!” I spoke a little loudly than I should’ve. Everybody in the hallway turned to face my friends and I. We acted cool, and I pointed at a random person walking by. Cool and casual, yeah that’s always the way to go.
         It felt like the day wouldn’t go fast enough, I couldn’t wait till lunch. As the bell rang, I practically jumped out of my seat and ran out the door. My friends finally caught up with me. While gasping for breath Marley asked me, “What? You got a hot date? And if you do I am mad at you for not telling me!” I laughed. “I’m just going to have lunch with Spencer.” I answered calmly. “Why?” Asked everybody, sounding like a quire. They all said jinx at the same time until I said, “Jinx! Now you guys have to be quiet while I talk for once!” They all nodded in agreement but trying to keep serious. “ It turns out me and Spencer were old neighbors when we were like 7 years old. He had to move away though, it was really sad.” I said. “Ohhhhh.” They all answered. “So me and him want to catch up that’s all.” I stopped Marley just about as she was going to comment. “That’s all.” I said in conclusion.
         As I got my lunch and looked around, I spotted Spencer waving his hands like an idiot to get my attention. He always was the little goof ball. I sat down with him and we both got quiet. Finally he spoke, “Okay so where to begin?” He said with a mouth full of food. “Huh?” I said muffled realizing I looked just as much as a slob as he did. Hunched over my food with a mouthful of sloppy joes. I swallowed hard, “Oh, umm why don’t you tell me why you had to leave.” I answered. He got really quiet and started to look around, “Umm dad..He…uhh…. had a job thingy…yea.” He said looking kind of nervous. “Awe, I remember I cried so much the night you left. I thought I was never going to see you ever again since we were too little to understand.” I said with a half smile. “Yeah me too… even though we were really little you were my best friend.” He said in return. I continued eating, every once in a while I glanced up at him. Wow did he grow up. His tooth-missing grin was now replaced with a pure white, straight smile. His short, light brown hair had grown out just above his eyes. I thought, God he is beautiful.
PLEASE_PLEASE_PLEASE give me some advice/:
Okay, I am currently dating this boy who I dated for 8 months and took a 2 week break because i was losing feelings. So it turned out we took a 3 months break and three days ago he asked me back out and i said yes, but now i am started to get back feelings for the boy i liked since 4th grade. Should I break up with him for the guy i liked since 4th grade? btw the guy im with now i met a year ago.
comment this,or IM me



Friends are stars
that make your life s

Sorry.. I'm tried... i know it sucks.....
♥ anyways!
((errr comment!))

Chapter 3
The bell rang, and we both stood up to throw away our garbage. We continued to talk about the family and all that stuff. We said goodbye and hugged. “Where you living now?” I asked. “It’s a surprise.” He answered. “I’ll call you tonight don’t worry.” He said with that mysterious smile. “See you later!” I said as he started to walk in the opposite direction. “See ya!” He answered back.
         As I turned to my left I felt a certain pull at my arm, followed by the shaking of my shoulders. I went into my defense pose which is practically crouching up with my hands out in the fighting position. Not my most intimidating pose but it sure does protect me. ‘What happened!” Demanded Sam. “Nothing. We talked and that was it.” I said. “That was it! Yeah, okay let’s go with that.” Marley said sarcastically. “Maybe that is all. Or maybe it’s not.” Said Danielle with one of her shy smiles. “You so like him! I can see it in your eyes!” Said Marley. I suddenly blushed. Oh God, why was I blushing? Then I remembered; oh yeah I do like him. “Okay, I do like him. We were really close friends when we were little and maybe now that I see how grown up he is, I don’t know something sparked.” I finally answered. “Oh my god! I knew it!” Said Alana. We all laughed and continued on to our next class.
         I burst through the door. “Ma’ was there any phone calls?” I asked. “No sweetie, why?” She questioned. “Cause’ remember Spencer?” I asked. “Yeah, your old friend from when you were little?” She answered. “He’s back! He moved back home!” My mom then showed a huge smile across her face. “That’s great! Now go start your homework!” She said. “Ughhh, fine.” I said reluctantly. I then walked up the stairs and opened my door to my room, my sanctuary. Immediately I turned to my stereo and cranked up the All Time Low as usual. I pulled out my math book and tried to concentrate on the first example. The phone rang, I lurched for it as quick as I didn’t even think was possible for me. Yes! It was Spencer! “Heyyy,” I said in my flirty voice. “Heyyyy,” he said back trying to imitate me. “So you never answered me. Where you living now?” I asked sweetly. “Why, don’t you look out your window and check.” He said. I had to seriously hold my breath to keep from fainting when I walked over to my window and I saw him standing there. “Uhhh….hi?” I said nervously. “Hey, you said you wanted to see where I was living now right?” He said with a smile, looking as nervous as I did. “Yeah, but an address would’ve been good enough. You didn’t have to walk all the way here.” I said, trying to look casual. “What do you mean all the way here?” He pointed to down by where his old house to be. “That’s where I’m living now.” I gasped in excitement. “You got your old house back!” I said excitedly. “You bet!” He said. At that moment I ran down the stairs. “Mom! Spencer’s outside is it okay if I go meet him?” I asked politely. “Sure, be safe honey. And be sure to tell him I said hi.” She answered. “I will ma’” I said halfway out the door.
I ran to him and I practically tackled him. “I can’t believe it! It’ll be just like how it used to be!” I said. “Yea… just the way it used to be,” he said sounding nervous and almost sad. I stepped down to my feet. “What’s bothering you?” I asked. “Nothing,” he answered looking up at the sky. “Tell. Me!” I said in my serious voice. “Nothing!” He said laughing. “Now come on, I gotta’ show you the place. And the ma’ is dying to see you.” He said. “ Okay, and wait ma’ is my parent label!” I said jokingly. “Yeah, okay. You got that from me in the first place.” He said rolling his eyes.
         As we entered his house we heard a voice, “Spencer is that you?” It was his mom. “Yeah, ma’ its me and I got a surprise for you.” At that moment Spencer’s mom was at the top of the stairs repeating, “Watcha get me, watcha get me.” Then her eyes lit up. “Karol! Oh my God I can’t believe it’s you!” She practically ran down the stairs and gave me a big hug. “Hi Mrs. Black!” I said happily. “Oh please Karol, call me Lori!” She said with a smile. “Okay, come on we’ve had enough Kodak moments I believe,” said Spencer awkwardly. “Okay, fine, I see how it is.” Said Lori jokingly.” And I followed Spencer up the staircase that led to Spencer’s room.

can we pretend that fish
in a fish tank are like fairy odd
P   A   R   E    N   T   S
use a wish right now . . . .

if it's meant to be, it will be.

let it alI out #1
only one guy has ever called me beautiful. Not hot, not sexy. Beautiful

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