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i ripped our teddy bears heart out so it could always remind me of you.                               

lame.. but very true

Love is the
closest thing to
that we have
in life <3


You can't pick and choose what you get and what you don't,


You control how you react to what you do and don't get.


2 t e e n a g e r s
just wanna have fun.

don't play games with a girl who can play them better*<3
i finally deleted you out of my cell and then deleted/blocked you on facebook. felling good :]

Is this a Dream or Reality, because i really hope its Reality

Where i need to be part 13

 Everyone took turns telling their favorite stories about my mom. It seemed like it was a wake or memorial as if she had died. To them i think, in a way she did. The memories they had of her the ones they imagined that she was living now, where she was  happy and young were all lies. So to them a part of her did die. As everyone talked i ate so much food. Fried Chicken, Jumbalya, Cajun chicken everything. and to top it all off a big slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream. YUM.
It was nearing 11 so everyone hugged and kissed and stood to leave. They said they'd be visiting tomorrow and they'd be back next Sunday. Suddenly it was just me, Brandon. Eugena, And Timothy.
"come on," said Eugena grabbing my hand "I'll give you the Grand Tour." Timothy nodded at me and Brandon and walked outside. I was getting the impression that he either didn't speak much, or he didn't like us. On the bottom floor there was the parlor, kitchen, dining room, living room, and TV room. Upstairs on the 2nd floor there was the master bedroom and two other bedrooms, up the next flight of stairs on the 3rd floor  there was 4 more bedrooms and then there was the attic. Eugena put me and Brandon across the hall from each other on the 3 rd floor. Brandon somehow got my duffel bag in my room. "Good night sugar. Happy birthday. Sweet dreams. I'm so glad you found us...This was your mother's bedroom you know." she said opening the door for me and kissing my on the cheek. "Thank you. goodnight, sweet dreams Grandma." i said without hesitation. She beamed at that word. "good night Brandon. thank you for bringing her here safely." she said and kissed his cheek. She left and Brandon and I hugged "Night travel buddie and birthday girl!! don't let the bed elves bite your toes off!" he said kissing me on the top of my head "Night Brandon. I Lo-" i said laughing trying to hide the almost i love you. he smiled at me we went into our respective bedrooms. Wow. My mom's bedroom was sea side themed with a light blue paint on the walls and white aged furniture. The bed was four poster with blue covers for the sides. The bedspread was a quilt with greens and blues all thrown into one blanket. And there must have been a dozen blue green pillows of every shape and size. There were two windows on either side of the bed with white muslin curtains. Across from the bed there was a writing desk. on the left of the bed there was a huge closet and a dresser filled with old makeup and perfume and little love notes. Everything was just how she had left it. I kicked off my shoes and i got my favorite light blue pajamas on and climbed into the bed. for once, everything seemed just right.

I was hanging out with my closest guy friend and one of his friends i had never met before. His guy friend leaned over to him and said your friends hot, he said no she's not, and looked at me. As I put my hand up about to hit him, he grabbed my hand and held it  closley to him said your not hot, your beautiful. 
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