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&* yes; i am wearing mis-matched, overly bright, warm, fuzzy socks underneath my sneakers.


comeback #24;

I'll try being nicer,
if you try being smarter.

You have to love yourself 
before anyone else
can love you <3
Two Different Worlds
Chapter 16
"When I first got here and you were in the bathroom, did you barf?"He asked concerned. Who asks someone that? And Gross he heard me.
"You heard me?"I asked.
"A little. Only cause I was standing right next to the door."He said.
"Oh well yeah I did. I uhm had to much to eat."I said.
"Oh that sucks."he said. It was already 11:00.  We went back into the tv room and watched tv until Mr. and Mrs. Carlson came home.
"Oh Conrad, your here!"Mrs. Carlson said,"Oh and heres your pay honey. Thankyou so much for babysitting."
"Anytime."I said walking out the door,"And your welcome."
"Hunny, do you have a ride home?"Mrs. Carlson asked.
"Oh um, no. I was just gonna walk."I said.
"Oh nonsense. Conny here will take you home."She said.
"No it's okay."I said. I do not want him giving me a ride home. I don't want him knowing where I live.  She ignored me.
"Conny, will you come and drive her home?"She asked Conrad.
"Yeah sure."Conrad shot up eagerly and came to the door. He walked over and lead me to his car. He opened the door. I got in and slammed it shut.
"Gee willicurs Conny. What a nice car you have here."I said sarcastically.
"So hottie with no name has jokes?"He said laughing.
"I guess so."I said.
"My aunt called me that since I was little."He said.
"Interesting."I said.
"How so?"He asked.
"I dunno. I didnt know what else to say."I said.
"So rich boy, what car is this?"I asked.
"Lamburgini Ferrari."He said.
"Yeah, even sounds expensive..."I said. He shrugged. I told  Conrad my address and he drove to my house.  He started to try and make conversation but I just ignored him. We finally got to my house and he quickly got out of his car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and grabbed my phone that I put in a cupholder. He opened my door for me. I rolled my eyes.
"No thankyou?"He said.
"Nope."I replied and walked to my front door. He followed.
"Kay. You can go now."I said.
"Not until I make sure you get in okay."He said smiling. I searched my pockets. I didn't have my key. Of course I didn't have my key. God this sucks. I knocked on my door. My dad came and answered it.
"Hello Mr...."Conrad said sticking out his hand.
"Mr. Anderson. Hello..."My dad said shaking his hand.
"Hello Mr. Anderson. I'm Conrad. Conrad Evans. I go to school with your beatiful daughter here. She babysat for my Aunt tonight and to make sure she was okay, I decided to drive her home and walk her to the door." Conrad said.
"Thankyou son. Nice to meet you."My dad said. Oh what now? They're gonna become all buddy buddy? Come onnn.
"Very nice to meet you too."Conrad said.
"Alright. Well you better go now. Bye."I said. He smiled.
“Bye Mr. Anderson. Bye mystery girl.”He said.  I closed the door.
“I like him.”My dad said.
“Of course you do.”I said.
“Why don’t you?”He asked.
“I’ve got my reasons. So whatcha watching?”I asked.
“NCIS reruns. Wanna join me?”he asked.
“Yeah sure.”I said. We watched tv for a while until we both went to our bedrooms and fell asleep.

Conrads Car, incase you were interested in what it looked like(:

comeback #25;

I'm already visualizing
the duct tape over your mouth.

Fuuuck a heart its only a weeeakness so i ripped that shiiiiet out and said here nigggga keep itt.(;

comeback #26;

How about never?
Is never good for you?

Everyone’s been asking me why bounced back so quickly after him, & that’s because I had to show everyone that he didn’t break me. He doesn’t deserve to give himself that much fucckking credit.


  and I felt so bad for emily  

~pretty little liars~

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