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be  all I had on a thing called love

I guess in the end
   it  wasn't  eno ugh

Bieber Quote #12
"Anything above 40 is a little too old for me- I just look for a girl who is funny with nice eyes and a smile."

theres this guy, were hanging out tmrw and i think he likes me? well he was flirting w. me atleast....he called me a baby and i go im not a baby he goes i like babies...so we might just hookup tmrw..what do i do?


And i sat here for hours
trying to write a quote about you

but the truth is, i can't think of one single thing to write about you.... or ever us.
and now i see what everyone else was trying to get me to see so clearly now.

the truth

and the truth is

we were trying to make something work.
that was never there to start with
just what everyone else put in our head


Please don't use the words never, always or forever... If you do, I will already know it is not true </3

i love you for being you.....<3

Am i the only one who cant sleep at night because theres too much on my m i n d.?

Bieber Quote #13

"Commercials...uh i hate commercials. They're pointless."

I am like an iceberg.
you can see 10% of me
And that other 90% is what people haven't yet seen.

There's someone in her past that she hasn't gotten over yet.
Each day is like the last and 
she misses what she can't forget.
It's just an
empty space where something used to be.
Now she guards the gate, but she's
lost the key.
no one enters, but no one leaves.

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