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Hot guys are JERKS
Nice guys are
nice guys are GAY
"Should I smile because we're friends, or cry because that's all we'll ever be?" ; story of my life..

Fate or Accident?? 35

Sorry guys, but I'm on a vacation, I'll write some more tomorrow <3

The party started off with a big bang, no joke. It was the bang of the door shutting when Jake was thrown out the door by Nick and my friends from school. I decided to introduce Nick to people since he was going to be going to school with them. Of course, the first would be Jackie.
"Hey Jack, this is my boyfriend Nick, he's going to be going to school with us. He's moving in right next door!" I said to her.
"Nice to meet you Nick. I'm sure you've probably heard the best friend speech, so I'm going to save my breath, but you keep that speech in mind because Ash has alot of strong muscular guy friends who would kill for her because she's so freaking beautiful and fu-" she was rambling on.
"Don't worry Jackie! She'e my world, and I don't think that's going to change." He said and winked at me.
Jackie gave me a look as if saying "good choice!" and Nick and I moved on. I introduced him to all of my closest friends, Jackie Lindsay, Amber, Melissa, Isabella, Matt, Josh, John, and Eric. They were all very nice and kind of somewhat studied him. They all really cared about me and with how many times my hearts been broken, they are just watching out for me. At this point in time, I realized there was a live DJ and he was talking. He said he was going to put on a slow song, for the special girl and her choice man to dance with. I was really thinking hard about my choice...
"Well, I mean, Nick's my boyfriend, but Ky's my cousin, and then there's Matt and Josh, but I'm gonna for My New Best Friend Nick!!"
"You still remember that Amazing Ashley?!?" He asked me.
"Of course! What do you think your contact in my phone is?" I stuck my tounge out at him and he grabbed my hand and we walked out to the dance floor. The song was Mine, by Taylor Swift. I knew this song a little and I liked it.
"You have alot of friends who care a lot about you, huh?" He asked me.
"I sure do. You better watch out!" I joked with him.
"Well I'm sure only a few measure up with me." He said. I blushed and was speechless, but I had to come up with something to say.
"Nick, did you pick out this song?" I asked him.
"You bet. I thought it was really cute and Kate told me you liked it. She helped a lot with this whole thing. I think she's really sorry."
"I know she's really sorry, but I'm over it now thanks to you. You're such a good influence! Then, this is gonna be our song if that's okay with you."
"That would be perfect." He said while we were dancing. Ther was no one else on the dance floor, but even if there were people, we wouldn't have had a clue.

They're just fat, ugly, grey, and called rhinos. (:

One day, we'll look back and then we'll have to laugh.
they    used to call us names,
NOW  THEY WANT OUR                               AUTOGRAPH.




and why do we like to hurt so much?
                                I can't decide.
                                                  you have made it harder
just to go on...

when i first saw you i was afraid to talk to you

when i first talked to you i was afraid to like you

when i first liked you i was afraid to love you

now that i love you I'm afraid to lose you<3

The Most Romantic City In The World♥

Part 3


   The next morning, Aunt Kate woke me up. She had made me chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast.
     " Did you only bring one suitcase?! I'm going to take you shopping today. You're going to need a lot more clothes for school. You'll be moving into L'ermitage International School of France in two days. It's a co-ed school with kids from over forty different nationalities."
     After breakfast, I got dressed, did my hair and make-up, and we left for our day of shopping. We visited Les Halles, and shopped at only 5 different stores. I spent $498.32 that day. 
     Went I got home, I had enough clothes to fill at least two more suitcases. I borrowed them from Aunt Kate and started to pack. She also let me buy some decorations for my room at school. I put those in a different suitcase and set all three suitcases by the door.
     We went out to dinner and when I got back, I found out that my aunt had bought me a laptop! That night i used the laptop and then fell asleep. I had a strange dream that night.
      I was at the school. There was a dance, and I was wearing a red, silk, mermaid-style  dress. I was standing with a girl. I don't remember what she looked like, but a tall guy came up to me and asked me to dance. It was dark and I couldn't see his face. That night we dance, and danced. Then the mysterious guy leaned in and was an inch from my face. He was about to kiss me, when-
        BEEP! My alarm woke me up. I laid there, and thought about my weird dream. I wondered what it meant. After a large amount of time had passed, I got up, got dressed, and did my hair and makeup. 



I'm so cool that i choke on air.

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