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people are like slinkies.
basically useless... 

...yet its so amusing to watch them fall down the stairs XD


Day 4 — Your sibling

Alex and Kevin,
You guys are amazing. Sure we argue and we annoy each other but i dont think i could get through life without you. Yea, we fight sometimes, but those fights are nothing compared to other siblings. We have so much fun when we spend time together. Alex, i miss you when your at college and Kevin, i dont know what i am going to do when you go to college in a year; the house is going to be so quiet without you guys. I love you guys. We've been through so much together and we cant let anything come between us.
Your sister <3

I think that smiles are cutest...when you are fighting the tears. You can see that they don't want to. But it makes you happy to see them try. I think it is adorable

what every kiss means

kiss on the stomach; i'm ready.
kiss on the forehead; i hope were together forever.
kiss on the ear; your my everything.
kiss on the cheek; we're friends.
kiss on the hand; i adore you.
kiss on the neck; we belong together.
kiss on the shoulder; i want you.
kiss on the lips; i like you.

What the gesture means...
holding hands; Wwe definitely like each other.
slap on the butt; that's mine.
holding on tight; i don't want to let go.
looking into each other's eyes; i just plain like you.
playing with hair; tell me you love me.
arms around the waist; i like you too much to let go.
laughing while kissing; i am completely comfortable with you.

don't ask for a kiss, take one.
if you were thinking about someone while reading this,
you're definitely in l♥ve.

post this again after reading!!
or you will have a bad year of Relationships.

If you like, L♥ve, or miss someone right now
and can't get them out of your head
then re-post this within one minute and whoever you are
missing will surprise you.

Repost this as what every kiss means  

I am, whatever you say I am.

If I wasn't, then why would you say I am?

If you're a guy, fave this..
I'm just wondering ;)

Hello 911 what your emergency?
Yeah hi we have a love bipolar
don't worry mama help is on the way!!!
"People make mistakes, even the ones we love. We forgive, and keep moving forward."

-The Last Song

yesterday is history

tomorow is a mysteru

today is a gift

so why dont we call it the present

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