Quotes added on Monday, August 23 2010

I dont care if you're wondering where i am  
Cause I dont ever
Want to see you again.

Border CMPSunday.S9*
♥press the heart♥



rest in peace

Thinking back...

I'm wondering why

 I was such a fool for ever loving YOU.


Your Biggest Fan – Nevershoutnever (: <3 

You stole my happy.
You made me cry.
Took the lonely, and took me for a ride.
And I wanna uh-uh-uh-undo it.


Am i the only one that?  #3

gives advice to a person in a  scary movie?

save an egg...

crack a smile =]


A guy that matters will realize what hes losing before your gone <3 .

Those Random Faces You Make 
when your texting him,

give me your eyes for just one second.
give me your eyes so i can see everything that i keep
give me your
love for humanity,
give me your arms for the broken hearted,
the ones that are far beyond my
give me your
heart for the ones forgotten.
give me your
eyes so i can see


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