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the hardest thing is having to say "we are just friends" when everyone thinks it's more and sees how perfect you two are together.. and deep down you wish it was more but all you want is for him to be happy. even if that means its not with you, but at the same time you are so afraid of losing him, but there is only so much crap you can take from him because you know you deserve better. 

I can't
look ahim

without smiling.ツ

-redoing old quote

I love when guys do that half smile :)


I S  T H I S  T H E  R E A L  T H I N G ; ;

do you know what it feels like, loving someone but see them rush to throw you away ?

look from a bottom angle 

I Just Seen A "Fan Group" On Facebook Saying :
The Idiot That Says CHACHACHA! while siging the happy birthday song.
I Must Be An Idiot Because I Always Yell It!! (:

so we were friends for mid month
then on webcam ; you decided to hate me; great one

not single-ing out anyone
(   )
You can hate me
You can try to break me
But you'll never shake me

I used to 
cheat at 'Heads Up Seven Up' by looking at their shoes

have u ever wonted to b a
invisible  ninja

I DOOOO!?!?!?!?
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