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30lettersin30days:day 2- crush

Dear db,

your hot,amazing,funny,and sweet. you are also a year older then me. your phone is barley ever on,i text you wenever i get the chance. we have only talked in person at school a few times, but i was hoping the next time we talk threw text i will ask you to hangout. you are very understanding and i feel soo comfterbul around you. your like the only boy i know who's taller then me too ;) i lock all of the texts that you send me that make me smile, i have over 15. we talk about the most crazy subjects almost all of the time. i have only seen you once since school started and i was in my car when i looked up and saw you walking. i dont know if we would ever accauly hangout or date, but i hope soo. if anything i would want us to be both best friends, caus i dont have a guy friend and i herd there better then girls :D lol.


I can't believe i

fell for the player.

Love fills my mind and my heart.
Obviously it is starting to consume me.
Violently Erupts all over my body.
Emptiness inside me consumes me as my love for him comes over me.
hi guys, my names meagan. i'd really love to be famous someday for singing and acting. and if that doesn't work maybe modeling. i'm just trying to live up my dream and prove my haters wrong. thanks fro reading this quote. hehe,♥.

forget his name. forget his walk. forget
the way he used to talk. forget the love
that you once knew.        remember now,

there's someone new.
forget the fun that you once shared. forget
the fact that he once cared. forget the time
you spent together.             remember now,

he's gone forever.
forget you memorized        how he stands.
forget the way he held   y o u r   h a n d s .
f  o  r  g  e  t  the things --> he used to say,
remember now, h e ' s   g  o n e   a w a y .
forget the times he used to phone.   forget
the night you were [ all alone. ]  forget the
times he used to sing. remember       now,

shes everything.
forget the thrills when he             walked by.
forget   the   times   he  made  you   c  r  y  .
forget the way he said your name. remember now,

things aren't the same.

forget           the times you looked into his eyes.
forget you died when he said   " g o o d b y e . "

Hope is in my heart and starts consuming me.
Out in the world is the guy who won my heart.
Peace fills my heart, Hoping he'll comeback to me.
Energy runs through my veins whenever I talk to him.

It's called love;)12
And I walked out of his room. I couldn’t think. Why did I just day that? I’m not in love with him…am I? I texted Jessica my wholeeee situation, with “Nick” and Sam and she responded right away.
Jessica: hey love! Gr8 2 hear frum u! finally get 2
Tlk bout luv! Huney this is all I can tell u.. it’s called
Love (;u obviously said u luv nick bc u do! I’m
Hpy 4 u babe (:
Me: but I like Sam..
Jessica: ya, but u r IN luv wit Nick!
Me: ugh!
Jessica: tel Sam we r movin a lil fst so lets
Slo dwn, say I rly lk u but we just met so
Lets not b exclusive yet.
Me: what if he’s mad?
Jessica: He wont be, he’ll understand.
Me: so then I have both of them? thats not
Really that fair!
Jessica: then CUT ONE OFF NOW!!
Me: alright, I’m going to bed,
Jessica: ily! Ttyt!
Me: alright talk to you tomorrow!
Love you too best friend!
I started listening to some music, very quietly I almost put my headphones in I was scared it might be too loud. Just some sad depressing Tay Swift, I closed my eyes to hold the tears in but then…

 Wondering when ;
 When, does the sun finally rise?    
 When can a butterfly flap its wings without fear of a tsunami?
 When can you close your eyes, confident that you can re-open them?

 How can we share our dreams and hopes, when tomorrow is just an empty promise?
kissing test<3
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